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Virtual Box 3.2.10 Adds Support for Ubuntu 10.10 and Fedora 14

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In case you missed it, Virtual Box 3.2.10 just had its release and it adds support for Ubuntu 10.10 - another recently released technology.  Fedora 14 is still in beta, but Virtual Box has added support for that distro as well.  Along with these new features, 3.2.10 is full of bugfixes as this is primarily a maintenance release.

The few added features include improved audio playback, which is less choppy now, and a custom core dumper for Solaris hosts.  The dumper gathers more data when a VM crash occurs.  Support has also been added for X.Org Server 1.9 and the VM can now be minimized from the mini toolbar.

Here are some of the fixes from the changelist:

  • Web service: avoid unnecessary creation of idle threads
  • OVF: fixed bug when exporting a VM with multiple attached disks
  • USB: properly discard blocking outstanding bulk URBs, fixes some printers
  • 3D support: fixed broken 3D support when switching to fullscreen/seamless modes
  • 3D support: fixed 32bit OpenGL apps under 64bit Windows XP/Vista
  • NAT: fixed resolving of names at the host resolver
  • Storage: fixed I/O errors in the guest after compacting VDI images
  • SATA: handle out of disk space and similar conditions better
  • Bridged networking: fixed occasional host freeze during VM shutdown
  • VMM: performance improvements for VMs with more than 2 GB RAM
  • Linux hosts/guests: Linux 2.6.36 fixes
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed missing dock menu entries

You can find the VirtualBox 3.2.10 binaries in the usual place.


Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Tue, 2010/10/12 - 12:23am

Added support for...

I thought this whole virtualization thing was about simulating hardware? It (ought to) support *anything*, including operating systems the VirtualBox team has never heard of, so long as it's normal PC stuff doing normal hardware things.

Alessandro Santini replied on Tue, 2010/10/12 - 4:21pm in response to: Mike P(Okidoky)

Perhaps with "support" they mean that has been tested with?

Jesse Long replied on Wed, 2010/10/13 - 1:04am

Guys, think about it... how many operating systems are there involved in running a virtual machine? Java has "support" for Linux, but you cant boot a Linux OS on the JVM... support is probably for host OS.

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