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MVC for the Rest of Us

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The Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC) is one of the most widely advocated patterns for developing Web applications, and there are a number of quality MVC frameworks for CFML available today. However the adoption of MVC within the CFML developer community seems quite low compared to the developer communities of alternative platforms.

This presentation will cover the high-level benefits of MVC for CF developers, some key concepts of MVC as it is often implemented in CFML, and some simple techniques to show how both back-end coders and front-end designers can quickly benefit from MVC. Many of the presented ideas will also be demonstrated through a simple example application written in Model-Glue, a popular MVC framework for CFML.

The speaker for this session, Dennis Clark, works for the Carolinas Healthcare System to construct Web application back-ends in ColdFusion and integrate them with a variety of enterprise clinical and administrative systems. Dennis gets most of his open-source kicks as an active contributor to the Model-Glue framework, but he also contributes to other open-source CFML projects such as ColdSpring and Validat (a validation framework from Alagad, Inc).