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Solr at Etsy

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Solr @ Etsy Giovanni Fernandez-Kincade,, Eurocon 2011 from Lucene Revolution on Vimeo.

Search at Etsy poses significant challenges. Our marketplace is filled with millions of unique, short-lived items and people trying to find them over 10 million times a day. In this session we'll discuss many of the solutions we've engineered to meet these challenges. These include:

  • Infrastructure approaches like using Thrift as our interface to Solr and writing our own load-balancer.
  • Writing custom code that inter-operates with Solr, from QParserPlugins to in-house Stemmers.
  • Internationalization efforts, including tailoring the search experience to user language and location, and on-the-fly query translation – all a natural result of our efforts to create a global marketplace.

Finally, no talk about Etsy would be complete without some exploration of our incremental development strategy and the tools that empower it. We'll describe in detail how we continuously deploy our search stack, instantly change server configuration, and measure the impact of algorithmic changes using side-by-side user tests and live A/B tests.

Download session slides.