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Search Analytics: Business Value & BigData NoSQL Backend

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Search is increasingly the primary information access mechanism, so knowing how your search is doing often has direct business impact. You’ve indexed your data and people are searching it. But how do you know if they are happy with the results? How do you know if they are finding what they need? Regardless of whether you are using Solr, Lucene, Elastic Search or some other search solution, you should be paying attention what your users are telling you through their queries and clicks.

In the first part of this presentation we’ll talk about what Search Analytics is, why it's valuable, and how it can be used to answer questions like:

  • Are too many users getting the dreaded “no matches” results?
  • How deep into search results do people dig?
  • Which hits are they clicking on, or what percentage of them don’t click on any hits?
  • How much do they use the “Did You Mean” or “Auto-Complete” suggestions?

We’ll explore what specific search analytics reports tell us and what specific actions you should take based on those reports.

In the second part of the presentation we'll talk about how we've used Flume, Hadoop, MapReduce, and HBase to build a scalable Search Analytics service.

Download session slide.


Otis Gospodnetic replied on Mon, 2011/12/19 - 11:53pm

You can also flip through the slides here.

And you may want to see other presentations on Search Analytics (some with more technical info) here.

Oh, and if you want to actually get Search Analytics for your search app or website, the Search Analytics SaaS described above is still free -


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