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Java in the Cloud

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Jonathan Bruce says that cost is the primary driver behind many companies moving their apps to the Cloud. The problems that some early adopters are having is that they chew up their cloud utilities too fast and it's like going over your cellphone plan's limit. With the cloud there is a new sort of impedance mismatch to deal with. According, to Jonathan, lifecycle management and modularity in the JVM will be very important in transforming Java for the cloud.

Jonathan Bruce is a Senior Product Manager at Progress DataDirect. His company is well known for their data drivers for the Java and .NET platforms. In this interview, Jonathan gives his thoughts on Java's future in the cloud.

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Alexis MP replied on Mon, 2010/05/03 - 10:35am

Seriously, "OSGi is better than J2EE" when talking about JVM modularity is a bit of a stretch.
I think GlassFish v3 proves that it can be "OSGi *and* Java EE" from both the implementation/container perspective as well as for the programing model. Check out "OSGi & Java EE in GlassFish"

Luis Carlos Mor... replied on Wed, 2010/06/02 - 2:46pm

In the Brazil I am implementing the Cloud Computing, with libvirt in Java, using OSGI.

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