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The Many Facets of Apache Solr

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Faceted Searching is a must have feature for enhancing findability and user engagement in enterprise search UI. The Faceted Searching features of Apache Solr have been a major factor in it's popularity, but many Solr users don't fully appreciate all of the capabilities that are available. In this session we will deep dive into the different types of data facets that Solr supports, discussing in detail the various options that can be used to explore them. We will also review some specific techniques for dealing with several complex use cases, and discuss some performance "gotchas" and how to avoid them.

Download session slide.

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shaunM (not verified) replied on Fri, 2011/12/23 - 9:08am

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Ash Mughal replied on Wed, 2012/01/25 - 7:17pm

Faceting is done on indexed rather than stored values. This is because the primary use for faceting is drill-down into a subset of hits resulting from a query, and so the chosen facet value is used to construct a filter query which literally matches that value in the index. For the stock Solr request handlers this is done by adding an fq=<facet-field>:<quoted facet-value> parameter and resubmitting the query.

Because faceting fields are often specified to serve two purposes, human-readable text and drill-down query value, they are frequently indexed differently from fields used for searching and sorting:

  • They are often not tokenized into separate words
  • They are often not mapped into lower case
  • Human-readable punctuation is often not removed (other than double-quotes)
  • There is often no need to store them, since stored values would look much like indexed values and the faceting mechanism is used for value retrieval.

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Carrie Coy replied on Tue, 2013/02/19 - 1:39pm

 This video would be better if it keep the focus on the slides and not the speaker!

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