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"Java Life" Music Video

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The rap music video made for JavaOne 2011


James Smith replied on Wed, 2011/10/05 - 9:50am

Um, I don't think so, it kind of reminds me of that video with Chandler and Rachel from Friends promoting windows 95..... my sides split with laughter then too....

Ali Baghebani Kord replied on Fri, 2011/10/07 - 5:49pm

Nice one! :-)

Kathy Blackmore replied on Thu, 2012/04/19 - 1:19am

This video is hilarious, especially the lyrics, so much so that it had me watching it again twice! Honestly, it brings back memories of the days we were coding like mad in school, and sometimes we wished we had a canon to just blast everything to bits and pieces due to the endless hours we had to put in.

Kathy -

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