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Intro to GWT4Touch 2.0

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GWT4Touch is a mobile framework that gives you the ability to write mobile applications based on HTML5. The framework internally leverage the industry leading HTML5 mobile framework application: . So by using GWT4Touch you get the best of bost worlds: the best platform to develop enterprise applications (Java), and the best mobile UI Framework (Sencha Touch).

In GWT4Touch 1.0.0 we added support for Sencha Touch 1. But because we build on top of GWT you got access to a myriade of powerful features not available in Sencha Touch. Specifically, the ability of GWT to easily talk to any backend in general. Talking to Java backends in particular is just a few line of code away.

Going into the future we aim to make GWT4Touch even more powerful by leveraging the latest Sencha Touch API, and adding custom functionality. GWT4Touch 1.1 will add support for Sencha Touch 1.1.1. Next to supporting the core Sencha Touch API, we will also add support for some exiting user extensions like the TouchGridPanel. Support for the Google Maps API will also be part of release GWT4Touch 1.1. This new API will give you the ability to write awesome map-based applications without the need to study a new API.

With GWT4Touch 2 things are getting even more interesting. With version 2.0.0 of our library we are adding real GWT Widgets support. All the UI Components will then be real GWT components enabling support for features like activities, places and other goodies GWT provides. Of course, GWT4Touch2 will support Sencha Touch 2.
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Ash Mughal replied on Wed, 2012/01/25 - 7:15pm

A simple to use Java API for Sencha Touch 1 and 2.0 now with PhoneGap integration!

Develop slick mobile web apps that will look and feel like native iOS, Android and BlackBerry using the Secha Touch API but do it in the language you know with the tools you already know in Java.

We have made things even more interesting by adding GWT4TouchMaps. The two libraries can coexist providing seamless integration between the Sencha Touch API and Google Maps! 

new java

David La Motta replied on Wed, 2012/02/08 - 8:51pm

Thanks for your interest, everybody. GWT4Touch 2.0 Beta is out, with several bug fixes and other goodies such as support for Activities and Places. Check it out: www.emitrom.com/gwt4touch Make sure to try out the demo (gwt4touch2-demo.appspot.com). There is no back button in the app, on purpose ;-)

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