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Improved Search with Lucene 4

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This talk describes how you can practically apply some of Lucene 4's new features (such as flexible indexing, scoring improvements, column-stride fields) to improve your search application.

The talk will give a brief description of these new features and some example use-cases, to address practical use cases you can try yourself in and around the new features now available in Lucene 4. We'll cover application of functions where you can configure Solr to:

  • Set up the schema to use Pulsing or Memory codec for a primary key field
  • Not use a separate spellcheck index, controlling character-level swaps from the query processor
  • Sorting with a different locale
  • Per-field similarity configurations, such as using a non-vector-space algorithm

    Download session slides.


Robert Craft replied on Thu, 2012/01/26 - 5:12am

Apache Hadoop has rapidly become the primary framework of choice for enterprises that need to store, process and manage large data sets. It helps companies to derive more value from existing data as well as collect new data, including unstructured data from server logs, social media channels, call center systems and other data sets that present new opportunities for analysis. This keynote will provide insight into how Apache Hadoop is being leveraged today and how it evolving to become a key component of tomorrow's enterprise data architecture.

Spring Framework

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