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Frank Wierzbicki on Jython and Switching from Sun to Startup

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Frank Wierzbicki is the Jython project lead and a lead developer at Sauce Labs.  He's been working on Jython as an open source project since 2004 and using Jython since 1999. After a year at Sun, Wierzbicki now works for Sauce Labs, a startup that builds a commercially-supported version of the popular Selenium web app testing system.  Sauce Labs also provides on-demand cloud analytics to run tests in parallel for multiple browsers.  The Sauce IDE and Sauce RC products are free and they were built by the same developer who created Selenium.

Wierzbicki gives a quick introduction to Jython, which gives developers the ability to write applications in Python and bundle them up for easy drop-in to Java environments.  There's also been some recent work on running the popular Django web framework on Jython.  The Django-Jython project allows developers to deploy Django as a WAR file instead of the regular Django deployment.  It also allows the Django developer to harness the wide variety of tools for the Java platform.  Wierzbicki concludes with information about his recent Jython development book.
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Jacek Furmankiewicz replied on Tue, 2010/03/09 - 11:15am

Django rules, it's incredible. Makes JSF 2.0 an exercise in diminished productivity.

We are actively looking at running it on Jython to make it fit with the rest of our Java stack.

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