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Flex Expert on the Past, Present, and Future of RIA

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Flex is being used in many important places you might not know about, like hospitals. Michael Labriola says that's because Flex has a thin client that brings a lot of desktop-like functionality to the web browser, its becoming a very popular tool for deploying web applications via AIR.  In this interview, Labriola covers subjects from  FlexUnit, the iPhone, and his thoughts about the future of computer interaction. You'll also get to see Labriola "geek out" about Flash 10.1.

Michael Labriola is the lead developer of FlexUnit 4 and Fluint.  He is also an Adobe Community Expert and an author of several Flex and AI books.  Labriola has worked on Flex from the very beginning.  Most of his time is spent helping people who are learning Flex and mentoring them through their first project.

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