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Corfield on ColdFusion

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Sean Corfield, currently CEO of Railo Technologies, worked with language design and compiler technology in his early career and later became involved in the ANSI C++ Standards Committee. In 2001, he and his team at Macromedia had to learn ColdFusion and he later became the Chair of the CFML Advisory Committee, which is working on standardizing CFML as a dynamic language on the JVM.  Corfield explains what his meetings are like and what kind of work goes on in the CFML committee.

Corfield talks about the the CFML specification and explains the ways in which they hope to resolve code portability issues.  Corfield is a strong proponent of open source and he has worked on open source projects for about fifteen years.  The For ColdFusion Foundation (4CFF), Corfield explains, is intended to promote open source development in CFML and to provide a central location for key projects.  The foundation is in its early stages, but Corfield says that they will be announcing their first few project transitions soon.  Finally, Corfield talks about what's on the horizon for the CFML ecosystem.

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