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Clustered Services With Apache Whirr: From Ops Down

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Apache Whirr is an incubator project focused on simplifying management of distributed services such as Hadoop, ElasticSearch, and Cassandra. Using Whirr, you can (in a single line) startup a cluster from scratch in your cloud provider of choice, or even from a list of machines in a text file. This discussion will show how you can create support for a new service without writing code. We'll review the an interaction module based on JSON formatted node lists and Puppet modules, in context of a working Cassandra configuration. You'll understand pros and cons of this approach, and see where it makes sense to use master vs masterless Puppet mechanisms.


Robert Craft replied on Thu, 2012/01/26 - 5:12am

Apache Whirr helps you easily get started with distributed services including Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB in the cloud. It can take your account on supported jclouds providers (EC2, Rackspace, etc.) and provision a cluster in a single command. Since it is written in Java, you also can hook this into your integration test lifecycle, for example starting up Mongo before you run tests against it.

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