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Video:Clojure and Simplicty

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As an industry, we often under-prize developer productivity. Stu Halloway has found languages like Ruby and Lisp to be very productive.  A few years ago he set out to do a comparison of 4 languages on the JVM and he found Clojure.  Clojure is known for its simplicity, power, and concurrency capability.  Halloway says that Java developers who are used to complexities in the platform have trouble realizing how certain aspects of development can be greatly simplified by newer languages like Clojure.

Stuart Halloway is the CEO and co-founder of Relevance, Inc., a Java, Spring, Hibernate, and Ruby on Rails shop.  However, in the last 18 months, Halloway has been spending most of his time programming in Clojure.  He is the author of several books including Programming Clojure, Rails for Java Developers, and Component Development for the Java Platform.

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Jakub Holý replied on Tue, 2010/07/20 - 2:52am

Stuart mentiones two project that you may like to have links to:

  • Incanter - a Clojure-based, R-like platform for statistical computing and graphics
  • labrepl (download, introduction) - an open-source Clojure tutorial and development environment, bundled with some Clojure libraries including Incanter, scripts for starting a Clojure REPL and/or Swank server and a webserver with Clojure lab exercises and solutions, created be Stuart

Lana Rina replied on Fri, 2013/07/26 - 2:59pm

I have watched this video with a lot of interest, Stuart Halloway stated a lot of useful things about different platforms he used and which is the best. I saw other interviews with him and I got amazed by his professionalism, he has something in common with an actor that played in the House at the end of the street movie, my wife also agrees that he looks like Nolan Gerard Funk.

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