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Caucho's Emil Ong Discusses Resin 4.0

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Emil Ong is the Chief Evangelist at Caucho Technology, an independent application server vendor.  Caucho's flagship product is a high-performance, open source application server called Resin.  Ong says that Caucho's independence has given the company a more developer-focused philosophy.  They use Test-Driven Development (TDD) to not only improve product performance, but also to optimize functionalities that can make developers more efficient.

Ong discusses the new features in Resin 4.0 and the company's reference implementation (RI) of CDI called CanDI.  Caucho's CDI implementation is the only RI that fully integrates throughout the application server, he says.  Ong also discusses Quercus, a Caucho implementation of PHP in pure Java.  Caucho is also working on deploying Resin server clusters in the cloud.  Ong says this will allow users to add and remove servers at runtime with no interruptions.
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