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The Birth of GroovyMag

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When Michael Kimsal first got involved with Groovy, he noticed that Grails had a lot of things out of the box, but it didn't have a "press a button and start" experience.  Kimsal was looking for that kind of experience at the time, so he developed a Grails starter kit to give people a jump-start on development.  Although there wasn't a large need for the starter kit, the experience led Kimsal to create GroovyMag.  Kimsal is now developing a Zend starter kit and has also developed a JavaScript magazine.

 Michael Kimsal is a publisher for GroovyMag, a PDF publication for Groovy developers.  Groovy, Grails, and Griffon are becoming very popular he says.  Kimsal also does development and consulting on the side.

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