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Ben Nadel Creates Software Simulations Using Interface-Driven Architecture

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Ben Nadel is the Chief software engineer at Epicenter Consulting.  He's been a ColdFusion and web application developer for ten years, starting with front-end QA work and then moving to the back-end with ColdFusion and MySQL.  Now he's working with web front-ends again, this time with rich user experience technologies like Flex, AIR, and jQuery.  Nadel talks about the state of web applications ten years ago when design and user experience weren't considered important.  Today, Nadel's boutique designs software around the user with interface-driven architecture.

jQuery is one of the most indispensable tools for building user interfaces, Nadel says.  Without the seamless enhancements and theme-rolling of jQuery, Nadel doesn't know how he would build some of the things that he builds today.  Aside from jQuery, Nadel thinks that Flex is another compelling technology for creating rich user experiences without having to worry about cross-browser compatibility.  You can find his blog at



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