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6 Tips For Thinking About Big Data in Your Organization

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Avinash Kaushik is the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.  In this presentation at Strata 2012, a Big Data and Data Science conference, he hopes to inspire you to rethink organization design, create a framework for analysis, and think of practical solutions that will turn this 'big data' into profit.

00:00 – 01:15 Intro. My new favorite data quote by Zack Matere, a Kenyan farmer.

01:15 – 04:05 Part 1. The current flawed data org structure, its challenges, and the new optimal org structure to truly bring big action to big data.

04:05 – 06:20 Part 2. A framework, inspired by Donald Rumsfeld, for big data vendors to think about when creating solutions and the unique space in which big data analysts should actually play in (only the "unknown unknowns!").

06:20 – 10:25 Part 3A. My first, tactical, example: How to auto magically solve the problem of having millions of rows of data, and not knowing how to find the 15 valuable rows that could have a huge business impact. Leveraging interestingness!

10:25 – 15:00 Part 3B. My second, strategic, example: Leveraging predict, mine, correlate to shift away from data puking to, even more auto magically, find trends in the data that truly are the unknown unknowns and identify causal factors for those trends so that we can move from data to action at light speed.

His blog post on the video can be found here.


Vijay Bhaskar replied on Sun, 2013/10/13 - 4:59am

Its a nice presentation. We have only 10 terabytes of data and we are using hadoop for processing. software jobs

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