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Scala and Quartz DSL

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Quartz 2.0 introduces a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for working with the core entities (jobs and triggers).

As a Scala fan boy, this is my first translation of the first sample

I - Define implicits conversions to skip build method
implicit def toJobDetail(jb :JobBuilder): JobDetail= jb.build
implicit def toTrigger(tb :TriggerBuilder[org.quartz.Trigger]):Trigger = tb.build

II- Pinp Scheduler class
class RichScheduler(s: Scheduler){
def <-> (job:JobDetail , trigger:Trigger)=  s.scheduleJob(job, trigger)
def ->> (job:JobDetail , trigger:Trigger)=  {(<-> (job:JobDetail , trigger:Trigger)); +this}
def unary_+ = s start
def << =  s shutdown
def unary_-  = s shutdown true
implicit def toScheduler (sf:SchedulerFactory):RichScheduler = new RichScheduler(sf.getScheduler())

III- Enjoy
 val sched = new StdSchedulerFactory()
val runTime = evenMinuteDate(new Date())
val job = newJob(classOf[HelloJob]) withIdentity ("job1", "group1")
val trigger = newTrigger() withIdentity ("trigger1", "group1") startAt runTime

// ->> or this
//  sched <-> (job ,  trigger)
// +sched

sched ->> (job ,  trigger)

From http://ouertani.com/2011/05/scala-and-quartz-dsl/

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