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JavaFX 1.1 NetBeans Plugin on Linux

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The following tip is based on Weiqi Gao's original post on  JavaFX 1.0 On Linux: NetBeans Plugin. The method outlined in that post does not work with JavaFX 1.1. First you will need to install JDK 1.6 update 12 and NetBeans 6.5.

  • Download all nbm files from here, except the org-netbeans-modules-javafx-sdk-win.nbm file.
  • Extract the org-netbeans-modules-javafx-sdk-mac.nbm file. (An nbm file is in a zip format)
  • Go to the extracted directory, and do the following steps:
      - Replace the info/info.xml with my new one.
      - Delete all files in the META-INF directory.
      - Replace the netbeans/config/Modules/org-netbeans-modules-javafx-sdk-mac.xml file with
    Replace the netbeans/modules/org-netbeans-modules-javafx-sdk-mac.jar
         file with org-netbeans-modules-javafx-sdk-linux.jar
  • Create a new zip file from the extracted directory, rename it to org-netbeans-modules-javafx-sdk-lin.nbm and replace the org-netbeans-modules-javafx-sdk-mac.nbm file with this new one.
  • Open NetBeans and install all the nbm files (ignore the nbm file signature warning).
  • Restart NetBeans and enjoy JavaFX on Linux, you can even debug JavaFX on Linux.

The new files can be downloaded here.

org-netbeans-modules-javafx-sdk-lin.nbm_.zip11.24 KB
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Sergio Ricardo ... replied on Wed, 2009/02/25 - 3:26pm

Thanks a lot!

 Works fine.

Bruno Vernay replied on Thu, 2009/02/26 - 4:45pm


It worked with OpenJDK Client VM (build 1.6.0_0-b12, mixed mode, sharing)

I just had to chmod +x netbeans65/netbeans-6.5/javafx2/javafx-sdk/bin/*  in order to compile.

 I didn't have time to do much with it yet, but thanks anyway!!

José Abrantes replied on Sun, 2009/03/15 - 8:12pm

Hi, I am new to Netbeans, I following the steps, but into install plugin I get: Some plugins require capability javafx.sdk.v1_1 No plugin providing the capability javafx.sdk.v1_1 could be found. Thanks Abrantes

Tony Cowan replied on Mon, 2009/03/23 - 1:32pm

Hi Liu, Nice work ... just followed the instructions and it seems to work for me ... now to try more than "Application Title" ... cheers, tc.

ARILSON SANTOS replied on Fri, 2009/04/10 - 6:13am

Hi Liu, How are you?


So, I did everything that you sad, but I get an error as I try to compile any code in JavaFX. "

 init: deps-jar: Error: JAVA_HOME is not defined, cannot find "java" command. /home/arilson/NetBeansProjects/hello/nbproject/build-impl.xml:143: exec returned: 1"

My JAVA_HOME is declared, but it gets this error just to JavaFX.

Do you have any idea?



Pinky12 Hkcs replied on Tue, 2009/12/08 - 7:47am

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