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Present Yourself in a Better Light in a Tougher Job Market

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I often see that potential job seekers don't really take the effort to promote themselves more effectively in the "Jobs Wanted" Java forums. Firstly, they post their threads with very ordinary titles like "Java Job Wanted" and "SCJP looking for Java Work". Secondly, if you click on the title half-heartedly, there is no evidence of a link to your resume or a summary highlighting your experience and achievements. Many fail to realize that they are in a very competitive world out there and they are needed to do something different to standout from others who have done exactly the same thing like SCJP or more. For example:

Ordinary Thread:

Title: Want Java Job (SCJP)

Content: I am a Sun certified software engineer with 3+ years of experience, presently located in New York. I have worked with Java 1.4, 1.5, Eclipse, JavaScript, Junit, HTML/CSS, Ajax, XML, SQL, Websphere, and Oracle 9i. I am looking for a suitable job in Java/J2EE. I will be obliged if anyone can contact me via private messages or candidate_name@hotmail.com.

Improved Thread:

Title: 3+ yrs track record of achievements and well-roundedness in Java/JEE (SCJP).


Career Highlights


  • 3+ years of hands-on experience in building B2B, B2C, and multi-threaded stand-alone Java/JEE applications and batch processes.
  • Successfully completed 2 Java/JEE projects at XYZ Limited and PWG consulting, taking it all the way from requirements gathering, design, development, and testing to deployment.
  • Highly resourceful in migrating poorly performing Web services by applying strong attention to detail with ability to look at the big picture at XYZ Limited. Redesigned the services with best practices such as contract-first approach, clearly defined contract, etc.
  • Took the initiative and refactored a single threaded polling driven module to an industrial strength multi-threaded module that not only scaled well to growing demand, but also fixed an intermittent stability issue.
  • Effectively promoted best practices, design concepts, and agile development practices to build solutions that not only met current requirements, but also adapted well to changing business needs at PWG Consulting.
  • Presently located in New York, and Resume is available at http://www.candidateresume.com. Can be contacted via private messages or email: candidate_name@hotmail.com.

Once you have an impressive title, pay attention to writing a summary that will motivate the prospective employer to learn more about you via the resume link you provide.

This is not only applicable to the "Jobs Wanted" forums, but anywhere you need to promote your personal services.

-- Excerpt from Java/JEE Career Centre

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Otengi Miloskov replied on Sat, 2009/06/27 - 1:28pm

All the writing looks like a Buzz word fest.

All this can resume to: Are you an expert of Java and threads and you apply patterns?.

4 words(Expert, Java, Threads, Patterns).

Jeroen Wenting replied on Tue, 2009/06/30 - 1:28am

I'd not hire the first because it's poorly formatted.
I'd not hire the second because it's a bloated list of buzzwords and so fluffy and long no person with 3 years worth of experience can have gained any real depth in any of it.

Walter Bogaardt replied on Tue, 2009/06/30 - 8:55am

Resume is only one part of the job interview pie. In actuality, some of that career highlights should go into a cover letter. The reason is in today's internet of job boards, you have to have the keywords such as J2EE, AJAX and XML at least in some parts of your resume to make it easier for HR personnel to find you. This can be included in a subsection if it is not in the accomplishments at your employment, at least in a section of sumarized technologies used.

 You have recruiters or HR personel that know nothing about technology and only key off of what the hiring managers put forth to them.  There are others, that do come from a technology background and can identify a potential candidates from a goals summary.

 From the two resume description, I'd gather one wishes to focus on core development, the other wants to move upwards to a lead developer or architect role. This is another reason why you have to have targeted resumes depending on what job description you apply towards. Going back to your point, it is a sell sell your self proposition, but you have to keep in mind that one catch all resume cannot be effective, and you have to target it towards your market and career path.

Walter Bogaardt replied on Tue, 2009/06/30 - 9:04am in response to: Jeroen Wenting

2nd point would be true if this was a summary of only one job, but since this is an exercise/discussion in resume presentation let's assume the guy transitioned to Java enterprise development from a long list of c/c++ programing experience with an aerospace firm, or the guy was a phd student getting his first real world job.

There are other threads to pick apart a resume on, such as employment gaps, lengths of employment, inconsitency when transitioning from job to job. Other things can be inconsistency of technologies in a job. IE developing J2EE server application in a mobile phone in a job in 1994. 

Arul Kumaran replied on Thu, 2009/07/02 - 8:55pm in response to: Walter Bogaardt

Well said and agree with all your points. I have covered all these in my Java/JEE resume companion.

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