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IntelliJ IDEA Shortcut Wallpaper

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The fastest developers use the keyboard almost exclusively. To help you learn the IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts, I created a desktop wallpaper that lists the most common ones for Linux, Mac and Windows users. Can't remember the command? Just pop up the desktop and check it out. Bored while waiting for a compile? Ditto.

There are a few resolutions:

IntelliJ IDEA Linux/Windows 1440x900
IntelliJ IDEA Macintosh 1440x900
IntelliJ IDEA Linux/Windows 1680x1050
IntelliJ IDEA Macintosh 1680x1050
IntelliJ IDEA Linux/Windows 1920x1200
IntelliJ IDEA Macintosh 1920x1200
The shortcuts are based on the great JetBrains "Key Map" Document plus a few more that I like. As an alternative, print out the JetBrains Key Map Doc and tape it to the sides of your monitor.

If neither of these look good on your resolution then leave a comment and I'll scale one just for you. On a Mac? Send me the shortcuts in a text file and I will convert it for you.

Not on IDEA? You can download the Eclipse Desktop wallpaper from us, or the vim quick reference from our friend Ted Naleid.

doce ut discas - Teach, that you yourself may learn.

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Tim Chen replied on Thu, 2010/10/14 - 8:43am

Great idea. Would be nice to have a mac version though :)

Hamlet D'Arcy replied on Sat, 2010/10/16 - 2:14am in response to: Tim Chen

I just posted mac version and alternate resolutions.

Dmitry Churbanov replied on Sat, 2010/12/18 - 3:43pm

Hey Hamlet,

at first sight couple of errors:

Go to class: not Command + O but Command + N

And all other goto where you can see +O should be +N.

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