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Google's Official Position on Oracle Allegations

Google filed its answer to the responsible court this week in reference to the Oracle lawsuit, which claims that the Android OS infringed on Java licenses by...

35 replies - 8217 views - 10/06/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Articles

Daily Dose - Researchers Slam Android Over Apps that Leak GPS data

A study from researchers at Duke University, Penn State University, and Intel Labs has discovered that 15 out of 30 popular Android applications selected at...

1 replies - 20728 views - 10/01/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Is the Lawsuit Against Android Affecting Developer Interest?

1,800 cross-platform mobile developers who use Appcelerator's Titanium utility said that they're not worried about Oracle's lawsuit against Android according...

3 replies - 6955 views - 09/27/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Articles

JavaOne Review: Is Google Missed?

This year's JavaOne is missing at least six sessions due to the Google's boycott of the Oracle conference. Attendees won't get to see the presentation by...

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Daily Dose - Virgo M4 Prepares for Equinox Upgrade

The first beta of the Virgo Web Server (formerly the Spring dm Server) is getting very close now that the Eclipse Foundation released the fourth milestone...

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Daily Dose - Google Pays Big Money to Keep Developers from Going to Facebook

LinkedIn has tracked approximately 118 former Google employees who have left after Facebook made offers that they couldn't refuse.  These offers likely...

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Google Code Jam Alien Language Solution

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I Don’t Much Get Go

When Google announced their new Go programming language, I was quite excited and happy. Yay, another language to fix all the world’s problems! No more...

15 replies - 15065 views - 08/24/10 by Jon Davis in News

Hello Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform

1 replies - 6273 views - 08/18/10 by James Sugrue in Book Reviews

Daily Dose - Google to Oracle: 'Bring it'

In a statement sent out to the media late last week, Google announced its intentions to defend open source and protect Android (and the Dalvik JVM) against the...

1 replies - 25491 views - 08/15/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Oracle and Open Source: A List of Grievances

For the seven months that Oracle has owned Sun's technological assets, they have welcome contributions and roadmaps for their inherited open source projects. ...

13 replies - 9271 views - 08/15/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Articles

Oracle v. Google: News Hub and Community Pulse

Oracle's lawsuit against Google's use of Java-related patents in Android's Dalvik VM and SDK could become a drawn out battle with long lasting implications. ...

11 replies - 7896 views - 08/13/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Articles

Did Google "Sell Out" on Net Neutrality?

There's been plenty of buzz about Google's recent collaboration with Verizon on the subject of Net neutrality.  It's important to note that this collaboration...

2 replies - 7133 views - 08/12/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Articles

Oracle Sues Google Over Android's Use of Java

Oracle has just filed a lawsuit againt Google for patent and copyright infringement related to Android's use of Java."In developing Android, Google...

39 replies - 27461 views - 08/12/10 by Rick Ross in Articles

Daily Dose - JailbreakMe Paints a Target for iPhone Hackers

Security analysts from are concerned about the exploit that allows the site to jailbreak iPhones and iPads.  In an easily...

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Daily Dose - Meerkat Becoming More 'Mavericky'

The third alpha release of Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" is upon us.  Based on the 2.6.35 Linux kernel, Ubuntu 10.10 a3 has updated to GNOME 2.31...

0 replies - 18710 views - 08/05/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - DTrace Co-inventor Leaves Oracle

Yet another great developer has left Oracle this week.  Bryan Cantrill, the co-inventor of DTrace, gave a heartfelt farewell to the company he joined in...

2 replies - 17475 views - 07/26/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - GitHub Hits 1 Million Projects

Source hosting site, GitHub, reached more than one million projects over the weekend, according to their VP of R&D.  Around 60% of projects are full...

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Google Pregel Graph Processing

A lot of real life problems can be expressed in terms of entities related to each other and best captured using graphical models. Well defined graph...

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Daily Dose - Java Skills in Higher Demand than IT Security

According to a survey of hiring managers, Java skills were harder to find than IT security skills.  In previous surveys, security specialists were...

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