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Test Driven Web Service Client Development

This article is about test driven development of web service clients. Since we will be talking about unit tests, functional tests, test...

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OSGi : Junit Test Extender Using Fragment and BundleTracker

I-Introduction : As Service tracker, the Osgi 4.2 release introduced "BundleTracker" which simplifies working with bundles and facilitate...

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Run Single Test

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Just A Test

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LiquidTest - Browser Automation Testing Framework Released

During these testing times, you cannot afford to be inefficient. Correcting problems early in the development process is critical when producing quality...

0 replies - 3469 views - 02/06/09 by Anthony Scotney in Announcements

Unit Testing with Spring, Guice, JMock, Easymock, Mockito...

When you write unit tests, as the project grows to end up by using many technologies such as Jmock (or another mock framework like Mockito), DbUnit, Selenium,...

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Test For Snippets

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Auto-test For Equals Function In Java Classes Through Annotations

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Free Open Source Test Workshop: Selenium, soapUI, TestMaker

Free workshop to be held in Los Angeles/Anaheim, San Francisco, Chicago, NY, and London. Software developers, QA testers, and IT managers are challenged to...

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Swing Extreme Testing

We've spent ten years developing a highly-successful artificial intelligence system used in pathology labs around the world. As a very small team, one of the...

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Defining & Testing Java Application Architectures with ztest

One of the important aspects of software systems is architecture.Every software application has an inner structure, defined by the classes it contains and the...

0 replies - 5836 views - 07/12/08 by Gerd Ziegler in Articles

Are Bad Tests Worse Than No Tests At All?

Can you write a test that does more harm than good?In the intro to his upcoming book The Art of Unit Testing, Roy Osherove describes a case where...

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How To Eat An Elephant In Java

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Can Automation Aid Manual Testing? An Interview with Jonathan Kohl

[img_assist|nid=2217|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=75|height=94] Since 1998, Jonathan Kohl has worked on a variety of software development...

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Point Inside A Polygon //JavaScript Function

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Testing new moderation mail

This should get mailed to matt.

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Make Time "Stand Still" In Ruby

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Save Db Data To Fixture Files

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