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Testing HTTPS Connections with Apache HttpClient 4.2

 In this article I am going to show how to unit test a HTTPS endpoint using Apache HttpClient. In addition I will show how to set up a HTTPS endpoint...

0 replies - 4372 views - 11/12/14 by Ivan Krizsan in Articles

Lessons learned from JsonUnit

I'd like to share some lessons I have learned when working on JsonUnit. I started the project almost three years ago, when I needed something to compare JSON...

1 replies - 4539 views - 11/04/14 by Lukas Krecan in Articles

Documenting API using Concordion

“Concordion is an open source tool for writing automated acceptance tests in Java.” It is a handy little tool, simple to use and even the source code...

0 replies - 3941 views - 03/23/14 by Peter Verhas in Articles

Limitations of Automation Software

Automation testing software are applications which allow the automated testing of a software application eliminating the need for manual labor of a tester...

0 replies - 4017 views - 07/21/13 by Aleksey Savkin in Articles

Spocklight: Writing Assertions for Arguments Mock Methods

My colleague Arthur Arts has written a blog post Tasty Test Tip: Using ArgumentCaptor for generic collections with Mockito. This inspired me to do the same...

0 replies - 7001 views - 05/21/13 by Hubert Klein Ikkink in Articles

How do you test your tests? – Mutation analysis of Java programs with PIT

Software testing aims at checking the correctness of a program. But how can you check the correctness of your tests? Quis custodiet ipsos...

0 replies - 2507 views - 11/19/12 by Romain Delamare in Articles

Simulation of Time Consuming Actions in Integration Tests

Quite recently in one of my projects I had a situation in which I needed to create an integration test for the application. That's not very odd isn't it?...

0 replies - 2637 views - 11/06/12 by Marcin Grzejszczak in Articles

Reuse Test Classes Across Different Projects

Sometimes, you need to reuse your test classes across different projects. These are two use-cases that I know of: Utility classes that create relevant domain...

2 replies - 3380 views - 08/27/12 by Nicolas Frankel in Articles

Database unit testing with DBUnit, Spring and TestNG

I really like Spring, so I tend to use its features to the fullest. However, in some dark corners of its philosophy, I tend to disagree with some of its...

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Specification by Example review

0 replies - 13591 views - 05/09/12 by Nicolas Frankel in Book Reviews

Test Message

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C# Code To Test If An Object Is Serializable

0 replies - 4096 views - 08/02/11 by Jason McDonald in Uncategorized

Release of JUnit-DynamicSuite (0.2.0) (A Suite to filter JUnit 4.x Tests dynamically)

Did you ever have the problem that you only wanted to run certain unit tests from a directory in JUnit? For example you might want to run fast running...

2 replies - 3188 views - 07/20/11 by Christof Schoell in Announcements


0 replies - 1233 views - 06/24/11 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Is AgileUnit the next test generation?

I found a very innovative project at sourceforge called AgileUnit. It seems to me an alternative or supplement to junit. Very exciting for me is the approach...

1 replies - 1096 views - 05/16/11 by Ricardo Ferreira in Announcements

PODAM 2.1.0.RELEASE released

Dear all,  I'm proud to announce that PODAM 2.1.0.RELEASE was released yesterday. To see what's changed, please refer to the release notes.  PODAM is a tool...

0 replies - 1516 views - 05/01/11 by Marco Tedone in Announcements

Testing @Configurable Using The Maven Surefire Plugin

0 replies - 3273 views - 01/20/11 by Thomas Vanstals in Uncategorized

Set Up Maven To Run Unit Tests And Integration Tests Separately

1 replies - 14552 views - 01/19/11 by Thomas Vanstals in Uncategorized

Balanced Binary Search Tree In Python - Unit Test Module

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