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Take a Look at Developers In Action (NCDevCon 2014 Sessions)

Mitch Pronchinske and I headed over to NCDevCon on the 13th and 14th to represent DZone and talk to some web and mobile developers (though there ended up being...

0 replies - 4711 views - 09/19/14 by Benjamin Ball in Articles

ColdFusion, Random Numbers, and Time

A while ago I logged a bug I had discovered with ColdFusion REST services. I had created a simple REST service that returned a random number between...

0 replies - 1125 views - 03/25/14 by Raymond Camden in Articles

My ColdFusion Bugs Visualized

One last blog entry before I enter Mardi Gras oblivion. Earlier this week I had logged into the ColdFusion bugbase and noticed that I had over 500 bugs in the...

0 replies - 3274 views - 03/11/14 by Raymond Camden in Articles

ColdFusion Splendor/Thunder Public Betas

Unless you live under a rock (or have had the incredibly good sense to avoid Twitter), today we announced the public betas of ColdFusion Splendor (that's...

0 replies - 3656 views - 02/20/14 by Raymond Camden in Articles

Some Quick HarpJS Tips and Tricks

  I spent some time today converting an older ColdFusion site to static HTML (I'll talk more about that tomorrow) and I thought I'd share some tips...

0 replies - 3607 views - 02/11/14 by Raymond Camden in Articles

More On ColdFusion On AWS

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the availability of ColdFusion 10 on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To better explain this offering, Adobe engineer Chandan Kumar...

0 replies - 2073 views - 03/26/13 by Ben Forta in Articles

Upgrading ColdFusion To Java 7

ColdFusion 10 shipped with Java version 6 (also referred to as JRE 1.6). And until recently, ColdFusion 9 and 10 users had to use Java 6 and could not upgrade...

0 replies - 4132 views - 03/05/13 by Ben Forta in Articles

How to Schedule MySQL Database Backups to Amazon S3

I've recently launched a site using MySQL as a database, and wanted to be able to schedule database backups to Amazon S3 I did a bit of searching and found...

0 replies - 5112 views - 05/07/12 by John Whish in Articles

Using Web Sockets with Server Side Logic

Edit on March 2nd: Note that I've found that I had a misunderstanding of web sockets. Instead of beforeSendMessage, this code should be using...

1 replies - 5565 views - 03/05/12 by Raymond Camden in Articles

Easiest Way to Deploy ColdFusion to the Cloud

The Adobe ColdFusion application server allows developers to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain robust Internet applications for the enterprise. It is quite...

0 replies - 9405 views - 02/08/12 by Judah Johns in Articles

Some Things About MappedSuperClass in ColdFusion 9.0.1

I was fooling around with inheritance in super classes in ColdFusion 9.0.1. I was trying to add that whole dynamic/static inheritance thing to Apptacular...

2 replies - 5387 views - 04/09/11 by Terrence Ryan in News

Advanced Debugging Tips and Tricks

Most developers define debugging as an 'after the fact' solution for finding bugs after they've already caused problems.  Bilal Soylu's definition includes...

0 replies - 13367 views - 05/25/10 by Eric Hagan in Videos

ColdFusion and JVM Server Side Troubleshooting and Load Balancing

Mike Brunt has been writing web applications since 1993 and he's been using ColdFusion for almost as long.  In the past, he's helped major companies such as...

0 replies - 3469 views - 03/31/10 by Eric Hagan in Videos

ColdFusion 9 and Hibernate Integration - Advanced Features

ColdFusion makes it very easy to use Hibernate out-of-box.  This presentation takes you through the more complex features in the CF9 Hibernate integration. ...

0 replies - 10258 views - 03/30/10 by Eric Hagan in Videos

Getting Started with ColdFusion 9, Hibernate Integration

Using Hibernate with CF9 is very simple and it doesn't lose any of its flexibility.  This session covers advanced techniques with CF9 Hibernate as well. ...

0 replies - 10903 views - 03/23/10 by Eric Hagan in Videos

Flex 4, Flash Builder 4, CF Builder, and Flash Social Released En Masse

After several months in beta, a host of Flash Platform technologies were released today in their production-ready versions.  The releases include version 4 of...

0 replies - 15340 views - 03/21/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in News

Adding Local Cd And Pwd To CFSFTP

0 replies - 2625 views - 07/08/09 by Joshua Clingenpeel in Uncategorized

SES URLs In Fusebox 5.5.1

0 replies - 3390 views - 05/22/09 by Joshua Clingenpeel in Uncategorized

Custom Tag For Outputting All American States As Select Box Options

0 replies - 4052 views - 03/26/09 by hal helms in Uncategorized

ColdFusion + Java = Easy, Rapid & Powerful

Many ColdFusion developers know that the underlying power of ColdFusion is Java. I've personally never written a line of Java, but I have taken advantage of...

0 replies - 9206 views - 02/05/08 by Todd Sharp in News