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The Benefits of a Data Abstraction Layer for SOA

Enterprises have complex information structures as a result of evolving applications and databases deployed through the years. In addition to modern...

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Top 10 SOA Pitfalls: #3 - Missing skills

Last week Gero Vermaas explained the Incorrectly Applied CDM en this week we’ll continue with #3 - Missing skills Just like any other paradigm, a level of...

0 replies - 6611 views - 06/30/08 by Viktor Grgic in Articles

Top 10 SOA Pitfalls: #4 - Incorrectly applied Canonical Data Model

Earlier this week Vincent explained the BDUF Pitfall en this week we’ll continue with #4: Incorrectly applied Canonical Data Model (CDM).CDM is one of the...

0 replies - 11575 views - 06/26/08 by Gero Vermaas in Articles

Top 10 SOA Pitfalls: #5 - Big Design Up Front

A few days ago Rik de Groot discussed pitfall #6 - which means we've now passed the halfway point of SOA Pitfall countdown! Let's quickly move on to #5.Like...

0 replies - 9258 views - 06/24/08 by Vincent Partington in Articles

Top 10 SOA Pitfalls: #7 - Incorrect granularity of services

After discussing #8: Security, let's move on to #7.Incorrect granularity could mean that a service covers too much functionality or too little functionality....

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Sieve Of Zakiya -- Number Theory Sieves (NTS)

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Top 10 SOA Pitfalls: #10 - Not Invented Here syndrome

At Xebia we are involved in quite a number of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) projects, from small to big. In that capacity we see a lot of good stuff...

0 replies - 16084 views - 06/02/08 by Vincent Partington in News

Pattern Based Development with Mule 2.0

Are you still working with integration products from one of the typical large integration vendors such as IBM and Tibco and looking for a more lightweight...

9 replies - 35830 views - 05/28/08 by OpenSource ESB in Articles

Functional Web Services Testing Made Easy with SoapUI - Part 3

In the first two parts(part 1 and part 2) of this series we have seen how to use SoapUI to write functional tests for web services and also how to use Groovy...

16 replies - 91441 views - 05/19/08 by Meera Subbarao in Articles

Functional Web Services Testing Made Easy with SoapUI - Part 2

Part 1 of this series helped provide the background needed to begin exploring web services testing. We learned the basics of SoapUI and how easy it was to...

26 replies - 167134 views - 05/12/08 by Meera Subbarao in Articles

JavaOne Wednesday Morning Keynote: "Oracle Enterprise" - Oracle Corp.

Oracle believes Java is integral part of the upcoming transformation of the Enterprise to more Web-2.0-like -- to adopt the look and feel of Web 2.0 and...

0 replies - 4769 views - 05/08/08 by Greg Matus in News

JBoss Web Services adds Metro and CXF Integration

JBoss has announced the general availability of JBossWS 3.0.1 which includes integration with the Metro Web services stack as well as the Apache CXF open...

1 replies - 14910 views - 04/02/08 by Nitin Bharti in Announcements

ChainBuilder ESB 1.2 Released with ETL Database Integration Support

ChainBuilder ESB is an open source ESB platform consisting of Eclipse plugins, a Java Business Integration (JBI) runtime environment, and a Web-based Admin...

0 replies - 8829 views - 03/28/08 by Eric Lu in Announcements

Jax India 2008 is Rolling To Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge

Keeping up its word to the IT world and following the success of the previous year, JAX India 2008 is all set to roll in Bangalore, from 8-11th of...

0 replies - 2391 views - 03/14/08 by Nagaraj in Announcements

Next-generation, document-centric XML processing with VTD-XML

VTD-XML 2.3 is now released. To download the latest version, please visit Below is a list of new...

0 replies - 1675 views - 02/22/08 by Jimmy Zhang in Announcements

JBoss DNA Provides Path to Information

Today at JBoss World, JBoss released a new open-source project called JBoss DNA. This is the first open-source emergence of the software from last year's...

3 replies - 10965 views - 02/14/08 by Alex Miller in News

Sun Backs Postgres House on Heels of MySQL Acquisition

The ink was still drying on Sun’s billion-dollar deal to buy the webby, low-end open source database house MySQL when Sun turned around and put money...

0 replies - 7848 views - 01/22/08 by Maureen O'Gara in News

Eclipse Kicks Off Key SOA Project

Eclipse is trying to develop an open source Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework based on technology contributed by Deutsche Post World Net. ...

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SOA Security

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