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ZK CDI, an Open Source CDI Extension

ZK have released an open-source CDI extension based on the portable extension mechanism defined in JSR-299 of the Java EE 6 platform. Java EE application...

0 replies - 2368 views - 03/26/10 by Timothy Clare in Announcements

Work With Your iPhone or iPod Touch Directly From Your Desktop or Web Browser

jProductivity has released myPhoneDesktop, a handy application that provides a simple and effective way to work with your iPhone or iPod Touch directly from...

0 replies - 1460 views - 03/05/10 by Alexander Krivov in Announcements

Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer’s Guide

0 replies - 11687 views - 02/01/10 by Sunil Parikh in Book Reviews

OpenXava 4m1: AJAX Java Framework

OpenXava is a framework to develop AJAX Java Enterprise/J2EE applications rapidly and easily. Allows you to define applications just with POJOs, JPA and...

0 replies - 2893 views - 11/26/09 by Javier Paniza in Announcements

OpenXava 3.1.4: Rapid Java Development

OpenXava 3.1.4 is a framework to develop Java Enterprise applications in a different way: You provide only your POJOs annotated with JPA and you obtain an...

0 replies - 2759 views - 08/31/09 by Javier Paniza in Announcements

Apache Click Web Framework 2.1.0-RC1: Java 5, new Bindable Annotation, new Documentation Formats

The Apache Click team is proud to announce the first release candidate of Click 2.1.0. This is our first release that requires Java 5. Apache Click is a...

0 replies - 3413 views - 07/07/09 by Bob Schellink in Announcements

Click Web Framework 1.5.2: Pluggable Security Access & Improved Spring Integration

Click 1.5.2 is another maintenance release in the 1.5 series and includes new features such as a plug-able security access controller and improved Spring...

0 replies - 1713 views - 05/24/09 by Bob Schellink in Announcements

JBoss Portal Server Development Book Review

0 replies - 14536 views - 04/21/09 by Piergiorgio Lucidi in Book Reviews

Brillien - A New Age EE Architecture

After spending numerous years using and getting frustrated by industrial technologies, I came up with a set-like object model, which started as a hobby, and...

0 replies - 2979 views - 02/11/09 by Imre Fazekas in Announcements

Better Java Web Frameworks: ItsNat

Ibrahim Levent has recently written an interesting article, here at JavaLobby, about how a (Java) web framework should be, based on his own...

4 replies - 12442 views - 01/30/09 by Jose Maria Arranz in Articles

Better Java Web Frameworks

I have been doing web application framework development for a long time. In my first experience, we developed a “Web Application Framework“, to ease...

11 replies - 24253 views - 01/29/09 by Ibrahim Levent in News

Migrating Java EE Web Applications to Adobe Flex and Granite Data Services

One of the original goals of the Granite Data Services project (current version is 1.2.0 GA) was to make easier the migration of existing J2EE applications to...

3 replies - 18732 views - 01/09/09 by Franck Wolff in Articles

Vroom Request Dispatcher 1.0.0 Released

Vroom Request Dispatcher or VRD is a light weight API that helps you write java web applications with simplicity. No need to write servlets that require...

0 replies - 5311 views - 12/01/08 by Farrukh Ijaz in Announcements

Click Web Framework 1.5: Container, ActionListener, Two Phase Event Dispatch and More

Click 1.5 is a major release with numerous new features, documentation and examples.Click is a modern page and component oriented Java web framework providing...

0 replies - 4747 views - 11/05/08 by Bob Schellink in Announcements

Jt - Java Pattern Oriented Framework (Jt 2.8)

Jt2.8 has been released. Jt is a pattern oriented framework for the rapid implementation of Java applications. Jt has been utilized in several large mission...

0 replies - 5273 views - 10/07/08 by EG in Announcements

OpenXava 3.0.3: JPA Application Engine

OpenXava is a JPA Application Engine. You put in your JPA classes and, in exchange, you obtain a full-featured application ready for production, and without...

0 replies - 5454 views - 08/19/08 by Javier Paniza in Announcements

JBoss Cache 3.0.0 Alpha Available

The first alpha of JBoss Cache 3.0.0 - codenamed Naga - is out and available for download. In a nutshell, it is a truly open source (LGPL) distributed...

0 replies - 4353 views - 07/23/08 by James Sugrue in Announcements

SpringSource Enterprise Available To All

SpringSource, the company behind Spring, the de facto standard in enterprise Java, and a leading provider of infrastructure software, today announced the...

2 replies - 6411 views - 07/22/08 by James Sugrue in Announcements

Click Web Framework 1.5 M2: ActionListener, ControlRegistry, and More

Click 1.5 Milestone 2 is available for download. This is the second installment in the 1.5 development branch and provides important new features and bug...

0 replies - 3470 views - 07/21/08 by Bob Schellink in Announcements

Getting Started on Java EE 5

Well, you guessed it right. The first change in J2EE 5 is there is no 2 anymore. It is now simply, Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).The first thought that...

0 replies - 8013 views - 07/17/08 by Aditya Bhardwaj in News