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Java Logger Tinylog Speaks Log4j

With a JAR of only 38 KB, tinylog is a lightweight logger for Java. The focus of tinylog is to provide a simple and lightweight logger as an alternative to...

0 replies - 357 views - 12/04/13 by Martin Winandy in Announcements

Java Matrix Benchmark 2013 Update

Java Matrix Benchmark (JMatBench) is a tool for evaluating Java linear algebra libraries for speed, stability, and memory usage.  This tool can be used by...

0 replies - 599 views - 11/19/13 by Peter Abeles in Announcements

Released new version of 4WS.Platform: a free rapid application development platform

4WS.Platform is an open source product hosted in, that organizations can use toquickly develop web applications by graphically configuring...

0 replies - 565 views - 11/18/13 by Mauro Carniel in Announcements

DEMUX Framework 0.7.1 released

  DEMUX Framework 0.7.1 is released today. This version brings new features and improvements to extension system, as well as many bug fixes. Some...

0 replies - 411 views - 11/10/13 by Vladimir Djurovic in Announcements

Revisiting The Purpose of Manager Classes

I came across a debate about whether naming a class [Something]Manager is proper. Mainly, I came across this article, but also found other references here and...

0 replies - 4745 views - 11/07/13 by Martín Proenza in Articles

On the Use of Types in Java Programming

Java is a typed language (duuhh!). It means that we can create new types like:  public class User { private final string name; public User(String...

0 replies - 801 views - 11/05/13 by João Pereira in Articles

Managing Web Dependencies in Play with WebJars

A common need in applications is to manage your web dependencies like Bootstrap and jQuery. The simplest way of doing this is to download the appropriate...

0 replies - 4999 views - 11/05/13 by Ricky Yim in Articles

Java Matrix Benchmark 2013 Update

Java Matrix Benchmark (JMatBench) is a tool for evaluating Java linear algebra libraries for speed, stability, and memory usage.  This tool can be used by...

0 replies - 1038 views - 11/05/13 by Peter Abeles in Announcements

Nuxeo Platform 5.8 Long term Support Released!

We just released Nuxeo 5.8 Long Term Support. If you want a complete overview of what's in there, have a look at the release notes . This version will be...

0 replies - 364 views - 11/05/13 by Laurent Doguin in Announcements

Shield4J - A Java class and Android APK obfuscator, encrypter, shrinker and merger

Shield4J is a Java class and Android APK (dex) obfuscator, encrypter, shrinker and merger based on a powerful, easy-to-use and cheap online service....

0 replies - 1698 views - 10/24/13 by Eduardo Coca in Announcements

The BIG List of Android Dev Resources

This is a compilation of resources related to Android App Development.In this post, I have only shared libraries that are used on a daily basis and are...

2 replies - 7408 views - 10/20/13 by Sharif Ahmed in Articles

Trimou Templates JSON Support

Since version 1.4.0 Trimou has a new extension which delivers some basic JSON support by means of google-gson APIs. In particular, the extension provides a...

0 replies - 802 views - 10/18/13 by Martin Kouba in Announcements

Java.lang.OutOfMemory: PermGen Space - Garbage Collecting a Classloader

We recently ran into the "java.lang.OutOfMemory: PermGen space" issue. The experience has been a real eye opener.  In SMART we use Classloader isolation...

3 replies - 25136 views - 10/16/13 by Raji Sankar in Articles

TestNG @Test Annotation – using expectedExceptions Attribute

@Test Annotation provides an attribute “expectedExceptions” allowing the user to specify the type of exceptions that are expected to be thrown by a test...

0 replies - 3986 views - 10/15/13 by Jagadeesh Motamarri in Articles

getCaller() hack

Disclaimer: the following is a devious hack, it should only be used if you know what you’re doing. As developers, we should only call public APIs....

0 replies - 3738 views - 10/15/13 by Nicolas Frankel in Articles

Apache Camel Messaging Systems: 2nd New Camel Book from Packt

0 replies - 3353 views - 10/11/13 by Kai Wähner in Book Reviews

Will SkyNET control our schedule if the computer optimizes it for us?

Not every organization is comfortable with letting a computer program, such as OptaPlanner (java, open source planning engine), optimize their schedules. Let's...

0 replies - 597 views - 10/11/13 by Geoffrey De Smet in Announcements

Review of Getting Started with Google Guava

0 replies - 1290 views - 10/07/13 by Stephen Kitt in Book Reviews

A Dive into the Builder Pattern

The Builder pattern has been described in the Gang of Four “Design Patterns” book: The builder pattern is a design pattern that allows for the...

8 replies - 17397 views - 10/06/13 by Nicolas Frankel in Articles

Getting Started with Google Guava

0 replies - 6532 views - 10/06/13 by Matthew Nohr in Book Reviews