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DEMUX Framework 0.8.1 released

  DEMUX Framework version 0.8.1 is released today. This release adds improved support for Android development, and some of the highlights...

0 replies - 658 views - 02/03/14 by Vladimir Djurovic in Announcements

Use Mockito to mock autowired fields

EDIT: Field injections are widely considered (including myself now) as bad practice. Read here for more info. I would suggest to use constructor injection...

8 replies - 19489 views - 01/29/14 by Lubos Krnac in Articles

Imcache 0.9.0 is released.

Imcache has released its new version with support of cache population. You can use imcache in your project with the dependency as follows.<dependency> ...

0 replies - 871 views - 01/24/14 by Yusuf Aytaş in Announcements

JArchitect v4.0 Released

Version 4.0 of JArchitect  a tool used to manage Java code bases and application development, is now available.JArchitect allows architects and...

0 replies - 557 views - 01/21/14 by Issam Lahlali in Announcements

DEMUX Framework 0.8.0 released

  DEMUX Framework 0.8.0 is released today. This version bring new and improved archetypes for creating and working with Android projects. Some ...

0 replies - 588 views - 01/20/14 by Vladimir Djurovic in Announcements

Trimou 1.5.0 is out

Recently a new version of Trimou (open source Java templating engine) was released. The list of most notable changes includes: New Helper API, inspired...

0 replies - 318 views - 01/20/14 by Martin Kouba in Announcements

Understanding Spring Web Initialization

A few years ago the majority of us were used to writing XML config files everywhere, to setup even a simple Java EE application. Today using Java or Groovy to...

0 replies - 5975 views - 01/20/14 by Jakub Kubrynski in Articles

Listing schema,table,column names in java using mysql db

0 replies - 5225 views - 01/17/14 by Benoy Prakash in Uncategorized

Spring @Async and transaction management

Introduction There are cases in which it is necessary to execute pieces of code asynchronous. An example is the sending of a (JMS) message from your system to...

2 replies - 19576 views - 01/16/14 by Jethro Borsje in Articles

JBoss Deployment war Error on Startup

jboss server not starting In this post, we are going to discuss about the deployment problem that prevents JbossServer from starting...

0 replies - 7097 views - 01/16/14 by Muhammad Khojaye in Articles

JPPF 4.0 brings the power of Grid Computing

JPPF 4.0 brings volunteer computing, dynamic scripting, easier configuration management, awesome new demos, and a lot more. What's new in JPPF...

0 replies - 630 views - 01/15/14 by Laurent Cohen in Announcements

Excelsior JET 9 Enables AOT Compilation of Java SE 7 Apps, Adds Support for Linux/x64

For the uninitiated, Excelsior JET is a complete Java SE technology implementation enhanced with an Ahead-Of-Time native code compiler and deployment toolkit....

0 replies - 956 views - 01/14/14 by Dmitry Leskov in Announcements

Understanding sun.misc.Unsafe

The biggest competitor to the Java virtual machine might be Microsoft's CLR that hosts languages such as C#. The CLR allows to write unsafe code as an entry...

0 replies - 17300 views - 01/14/14 by Rafael Winterhalter in Articles

GraniteDS 3.0.1.GA released with Flex/Air, JavaFX and Native Android support!

// Granite Data Services is an Event-Driven, Cross-Framework, Application Client Container // Read the full announcement on our...

0 replies - 349 views - 01/10/14 by Franck Wolff in Announcements

Book Review: Apache Kafka

0 replies - 2715 views - 01/07/14 by Dexter Lowe in Book Reviews

EJML switches from LGPL to Apache 2.0

 Efficient Java Matrix Library (EJML) has changed licenses from LGPL to Apache 2.0 as of recently released version 0.24.  It is hoped that this will...

0 replies - 403 views - 01/03/14 by Peter Abeles in Announcements

Imcache : A new caching framework for Java

Imcache is a Java Caching Library. It supports various kinds of caching models that have been applied so far. Imcache intends to speed up applications by...

0 replies - 2993 views - 01/02/14 by Yusuf Aytaş in Announcements

Spring Data and Scala - can they Mix?

A while back I got to the task of creating my first fully blown Scala server. I had a few decisions to make:Persistence StorePersistence FrameworkApplication...

0 replies - 3463 views - 12/26/13 by Yair Ogen in Articles

Adding Continuous Integration to Play!

With services like Travis, it has become quite easy add setup Continuous Integration to projects. This post will show you quickly how to setup Travis to build...

0 replies - 2755 views - 12/26/13 by Ricky Yim in Articles

iban4j: java library for IBAN generation and validation

European countries are moving towards Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) initiative and therefore a lot of companies are implementing International Bank...

0 replies - 2706 views - 12/08/13 by Artur Mkrtchyan in Announcements