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Review of Getting Started with Google Guava

0 replies - 1293 views - 10/07/13 by Stephen Kitt in Book Reviews

A Dive into the Builder Pattern

The Builder pattern has been described in the Gang of Four “Design Patterns” book: The builder pattern is a design pattern that allows for the...

8 replies - 17443 views - 10/06/13 by Nicolas Frankel in Articles

Getting Started with Google Guava

0 replies - 6536 views - 10/06/13 by Matthew Nohr in Book Reviews

Is Ceylon Enterprise Ready?

Not since GW-Basic printed "Hello World" on an IBM PC-AT have I been this excited about a programming language.  OK, there was Java and the servlet...

11 replies - 13107 views - 10/04/13 by Akber Choudhry in Articles

Template engine Mixer2 - Let's write view of MVC by java and XHTML

Mixer2 is a XHTML dedicated template engine. You can use it as an alternative technology for JSP or Velocity. Also, you can use Mixer2 for non-web...

0 replies - 1015 views - 10/03/13 by Nabedge Watanabe in Announcements

Wiring-in-the-Large: The Missing Technology for Java Cloud Applications

Have you ever wondered why dependency injection in most Java frameworks is only for local, in-process services as opposed to distributed services?I recently...

0 replies - 4204 views - 10/02/13 by Jim Marino in Articles

Java Memory Leak

Java has a garbage collector and therefore there is no such thing as a memory leak. WRONG. This is wrong on many different levels. Although it is...

1 replies - 26043 views - 09/30/13 by Peter Verhas in Articles

Java and XML - Part 2 (JDOM2)

In my first article, I mentioned some terms and posted links about Java and XML in general. In this article, I want to write something about the DOM parsing...

0 replies - 6189 views - 09/24/13 by Kosta Stojanovski in Articles

Creating Custom JavaFX Components with Scene Builder and FXML.

One of the goals of our development with our JavaFX application is to try to keep as much of the UI design as possible within the Scene Builder UI design...

0 replies - 36704 views - 09/24/13 by Rob Terpilowski in Articles

Monitoring and Detecting Memory Leaks in Your Java Application

So your application is running out of memory, you’re spending days and nights analyzing your application hoping to catch the memory holes in your objects....

0 replies - 20298 views - 09/24/13 by Idan Fridman in Articles

Survey Results: Java/JVM Servers and Their Roles in the Cloud

Back on May 29th we sent around a survey on our community mailing list, "Friends of jClarity", asking our members about what infrastructure they were...

1 replies - 3254 views - 09/19/13 by Martijn Verburg in Articles

A Painless Introduction to Java's ThreadLocal Storage

In my last blog post we explored WeakHashMap, which is based on WeakReference in Java. Now let’s look at some best practices for using another powerful...

2 replies - 35571 views - 09/16/13 by Patson Luk in Articles

Bean Manipulation using Dozer Framework

Introduction As you know you can copy file or folder from source location to destination location in any operating system. Have you ever thought about copy...

0 replies - 4664 views - 09/09/13 by Debadatta Mishra in Articles

Restlet Framework - Hello World Example

 Restlet is a lightweight, comprehensive, open source REST framework for the Java platform. Restlet is suitable for both server and client Web...

0 replies - 7337 views - 09/09/13 by Sunil Gulabani in Announcements

Trimou Templates Introduction

Trimou is a simple to use and easy to extend templating engine for any Java SE or Java EE application. It is a Mustache template implementation available...

2 replies - 3871 views - 09/07/13 by Martin Kouba in Articles

Java and XML - Part 1

This is another article about Java and XML in general with some links to other articles. Also I added some terms to explanation what all the abbreviation...

0 replies - 5072 views - 09/07/13 by Kosta Stojanovski in Articles

Want to get faster with AtomicLong? Make it wait.

I often hear that Java atomic types (java.util.concurrent.atomic) are super-fast and play nicely with highly concurrent code. Most of the time, atomics do...

1 replies - 8947 views - 09/07/13 by Wojciech Kudla in Articles

Flurry – our 64-bit id generation service

Flurry was inspired by Twitter Snowflake. We had a need for generating unique distributed 64-bit ids to utilize within our applications that are...

0 replies - 1386 views - 09/06/13 by Ilya Sterin in Announcements

Awake SQL 2.0 released: now fully open source with transaction support

Awake SQL is an Open Source framework which enables remote JDBC access through HTTP. Android & Java Desktop App developers just need to include...

0 replies - 909 views - 09/05/13 by Nicolas De Pomereu in Announcements

Announcing jClarity - A new SaaS Java/JVM performance analyser for the cloud and enterprise!

Leading Java experts unveil their new flagship jClarity product (14-day free trial ) that solves Java performance problems in both Cloud and...

0 replies - 774 views - 09/04/13 by Martijn Verburg in Announcements