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DEMUX Framework 0.7.1 released

  DEMUX Framework 0.7.1 is released today. This version brings new features and improvements to extension system, as well as many bug fixes. Some...

0 replies - 421 views - 11/10/13 by Vladimir Djurovic in Announcements

Revisiting The Purpose of Manager Classes

I came across a debate about whether naming a class [Something]Manager is proper. Mainly, I came across this article, but also found other references here and...

0 replies - 4883 views - 11/07/13 by Martín Proenza in Articles

On the Use of Types in Java Programming

Java is a typed language (duuhh!). It means that we can create new types like:  public class User { private final string name; public User(String...

0 replies - 822 views - 11/05/13 by João Pereira in Articles

Managing Web Dependencies in Play with WebJars

A common need in applications is to manage your web dependencies like Bootstrap and jQuery. The simplest way of doing this is to download the appropriate...

0 replies - 5155 views - 11/05/13 by Ricky Yim in Articles

Java Matrix Benchmark 2013 Update

Java Matrix Benchmark (JMatBench) is a tool for evaluating Java linear algebra libraries for speed, stability, and memory usage.  This tool can be used by...

0 replies - 1081 views - 11/05/13 by Peter Abeles in Announcements

Nuxeo Platform 5.8 Long term Support Released!

We just released Nuxeo 5.8 Long Term Support. If you want a complete overview of what's in there, have a look at the release notes . This version will be...

0 replies - 378 views - 11/05/13 by Laurent Doguin in Announcements

Shield4J - A Java class and Android APK obfuscator, encrypter, shrinker and merger

Shield4J is a Java class and Android APK (dex) obfuscator, encrypter, shrinker and merger based on a powerful, easy-to-use and cheap online service....

0 replies - 1837 views - 10/24/13 by Eduardo Coca in Announcements

The BIG List of Android Dev Resources

This is a compilation of resources related to Android App Development.In this post, I have only shared libraries that are used on a daily basis and are...

2 replies - 8093 views - 10/20/13 by Sharif Ahmed in Articles

Trimou Templates JSON Support

Since version 1.4.0 Trimou has a new extension which delivers some basic JSON support by means of google-gson APIs. In particular, the extension provides a...

0 replies - 903 views - 10/18/13 by Martin Kouba in Announcements

Java.lang.OutOfMemory: PermGen Space - Garbage Collecting a Classloader

We recently ran into the "java.lang.OutOfMemory: PermGen space" issue. The experience has been a real eye opener.  In SMART we use Classloader isolation...

3 replies - 26267 views - 10/16/13 by Raji Sankar in Articles

TestNG @Test Annotation – using expectedExceptions Attribute

@Test Annotation provides an attribute “expectedExceptions” allowing the user to specify the type of exceptions that are expected to be thrown by a test...

0 replies - 4392 views - 10/15/13 by Jagadeesh Motamarri in Articles

getCaller() hack

Disclaimer: the following is a devious hack, it should only be used if you know what you’re doing. As developers, we should only call public APIs....

0 replies - 3793 views - 10/15/13 by Nicolas Frankel in Articles

Apache Camel Messaging Systems: 2nd New Camel Book from Packt

0 replies - 3406 views - 10/11/13 by Kai Wähner in Book Reviews

Will SkyNET control our schedule if the computer optimizes it for us?

Not every organization is comfortable with letting a computer program, such as OptaPlanner (java, open source planning engine), optimize their schedules. Let's...

0 replies - 621 views - 10/11/13 by Geoffrey De Smet in Announcements

Review of Getting Started with Google Guava

0 replies - 1365 views - 10/07/13 by Stephen Kitt in Book Reviews

A Dive into the Builder Pattern

The Builder pattern has been described in the Gang of Four “Design Patterns” book: The builder pattern is a design pattern that allows for the...

8 replies - 18350 views - 10/06/13 by Nicolas Frankel in Articles

Getting Started with Google Guava

0 replies - 6647 views - 10/06/13 by Matthew Nohr in Book Reviews

Is Ceylon Enterprise Ready?

Not since GW-Basic printed "Hello World" on an IBM PC-AT have I been this excited about a programming language.  OK, there was Java and the servlet...

11 replies - 13364 views - 10/04/13 by Akber Choudhry in Articles

Template engine Mixer2 - Let's write view of MVC by java and XHTML

Mixer2 is a XHTML dedicated template engine. You can use it as an alternative technology for JSP or Velocity. Also, you can use Mixer2 for non-web...

0 replies - 1063 views - 10/03/13 by Nabedge Watanabe in Announcements

Wiring-in-the-Large: The Missing Technology for Java Cloud Applications

Have you ever wondered why dependency injection in most Java frameworks is only for local, in-process services as opposed to distributed services?I recently...

0 replies - 4295 views - 10/02/13 by Jim Marino in Articles