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Books That Have Most Influenced My Software Development Career

I have read numerous books on software development and have learned valuable things from most of them, but a small subset of these books has...

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Free Books on Statistical Learning

Hastie, Tib­shi­rani and Friedman’s Ele­ments of Sta­tis­ti­cal Learn­ing first appeared in 2001 and is already a clas­sic. It is my...

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Book Review: Practical Data Analysis

Many people have drawn Venn diagrams to locate machine learning and related ideas in the intellectual landscape. Drew Conway’s diagram may have been the...

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Getting Started with Data

A regular question I get asked is “What materials would you recommend for someone just getting started in a more data oriented job?” In this blog post...

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My Favorite Books for Advanced Java Developers

The idea for my last blog post (my ten favorite online resources for advanced Java developers), was inspired by the Xiaoran...

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Top 10 Books for Advanced-level Java Developers

Java is one of the most popular programming language nowadays. There are plenty of books for beginners. But to those who have programmed with Java for a while,...

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Review: Implementing Domain-Driven Design

Given the size of the fields and its multiple levels of application (tactical and strategic) there is a shortage of books on Domain-Driven Design. So when I...

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Books: Programming the Rasberry Pi: Getting Started with Python

I just finished reading Programming Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python. I really liked it! Actually, it was really quite amazing at how much ground...

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Book Review: Hadoop – Beginner's Guide

In this post I'm going to review the book “Hadoop – Beginner's Guide” by Gary Turkington. In the interest of full disclosure, while I received a free...

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Review: "Arquillian Testing Guide" by John D. Ament

I've been involved with the Arquillian project since some time now. After I received the JBoss Community Leader Award for my work with the Arquillian...

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Books Our Developers Should Read

Republished from with the permission of my co-author, Morten Berg, and later updated. There are a few books that every developer in Iterate...

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Experiences with the book club

Once a week, or anyway at periodical intervals, my whole team participates in a meeting to discuss a chapter of a technical book, or a rather long article,...

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The 12 Best Books I Read in 2012

What would we do without “Best Of” lists at the end of the year? I have been playing World of Goo because I found it on a list of Best Android Games. Soon...

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Book Review: The Phoenix Project

I am not going to do a ton of book reviews on this blog (I have one more planned for next month). I’ll only bother posting reviews of books that I believe...

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10 Books To Make You Smarter (And A Better Worker)

Ten of the best books from the Deathray Research bibliography. Guaranteed to make you smarter about software engineering and the world. Inspired by the...

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The DevOps Reading List: 10 Books & Blogs You Should Be Reading

When you’re doing research and planning application development, it’s always useful to learn from the stories and experience of your peers. Your...

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Core JavaServer Faces (3rd Edition) - A Review

0 replies - 3309 views - 11/14/11 by Manuel Jordan in Book Reviews

Ask DZ: What Book Do You Think Every Programmer Should Read?

Do you ever think about all the great books for programmers, and then form your opinion on the one book that every programmer should read?  Maybe a...

18 replies - 17189 views - 10/31/11 by John Esposito in Articles

Pro JPA 2 Mastering the Java Persistence API

0 replies - 5304 views - 09/30/11 by Manuel Jordan in Book Reviews

Lucene in Action, Second Edition: Covers Apache Lucene 3.0

0 replies - 5196 views - 08/21/11 by Manuel Jordan in Book Reviews