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Enterprise Integration with Spring Certification study notes and hints

Spring projects contain wide range of frameworks and abstraction APIs for Enterprise Integration. Best way to get an overview what Spring provides is to attend...

0 replies - 2031 views - 01/05/14 by Lubos Krnac in Announcements

SOA Certified Architect: Module 1

Fundamental SOA and Service Oriented Computing. In the past few weeks I’ve been studying hard in order to take my first SOA Certification exam. The...

0 replies - 4264 views - 05/22/13 by Ben Wilcock in Articles

Oracle Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam Now Available

The value proposition of getting any particular technology certification is definitely not as black-and-white as it once used to be. Nonetheless for those...

0 replies - 2930 views - 03/28/13 by Reza Rahman in Announcements

Why certifications alone are not enough

Certifications are a great personal achievement. But the true value of a certification to a prospective employer is not the certificate you receive, but your...

1 replies - 2913 views - 12/01/11 by Arul Kumaran in Articles

Daily Dose - A Farewell to Floppy Disks

Sony announced that they will stop selling floppy discs this year, making them the final manufacturer to halt their production.  You may not believe it, but...

1 replies - 16622 views - 04/26/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Uncle Bob on Software Craftsmanship

Bob Martin is the founder of Object Mentor, a team of experienced software professionals that provide Agile and Object Oriented Design training and...

0 replies - 15947 views - 02/17/10 by Lyndsey Clevesy in Videos