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Ferris Yahoo! JMCE 0.0.3 Released

Yahoo! Finance JMCE ( is an application deployed to a JMCE server whose...

1 replies - 869 views - 02/28/12 by Michael Remijan in Announcements

What is Amazon EBS for?

Using Amazon EBS I was recently sent a link to Adrian Cockroft's blog entry Understanding and using Amazon EBS, along with a request for comment. In case...

0 replies - 7081 views - 02/11/12 by Chris Westin in Articles

Daily Dose: Yahoo To Announce HortonWorks, A Hadoop Spinoff

This week, Yahoo plans to announce the creation a separate company called HortonWorks, based around the development and commercialization of Apache...

0 replies - 18457 views - 06/28/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: PHP Fog Ready to Go!

The PHP Fog, a cloud PaaS for PHP, will be available for developer download within the next 30 days. PHP Fog allows developers to easily scale their cloud...

2 replies - 28862 views - 04/28/11 by Katie Mckinsey in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - New OpenJDK Bylaws Revealed

Mark Reinhold just posted the new community bylaws draft for the Open JDK.  Mark Wielaard, a Red Hat engineer, posted his feedback in the comments and Simon...

5 replies - 32454 views - 02/04/11 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - Apple Sues HTC Some More

You might remember that Apple filed an infringement suit against handset-maker HTC earlier this year based on several patents.  Some saw this as an indirect...

0 replies - 16183 views - 06/27/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - Yahoo's CTO Quits

Ari Balogh, who joined Yahoo in 2008, has recently resigned from his post as the company's CTO and head of products.  Balogh, who will leave his position on...

0 replies - 17404 views - 04/11/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Daily Dose - EU Expected to Approve Microsoft-Yahoo Team-up

EU Expected to Approve Microsoft-Yahoo Team-up   The EU is set to approve the search outsourcing deal between Yahoo and Microsoft, reports Reuters.  The...

0 replies - 18152 views - 02/17/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose

Performance Tuning Resources For Web Clients

Recently I have been doing some research on tweaking websites to make them faster (either in reality, or at least in appearance to the client). Specifically...

1 replies - 14102 views - 12/09/09 by Craig Dickson in Articles

Why Microsoft Needs Yahoo: the Real Story

So one day, Scott McNealy, founder and chairman of Sun, read in his morning newspaper how the use of Java was rapidly diminishing, courtesy of something called...

0 replies - 18997 views - 02/03/08 by Ivo Jansch in News

Microhoo? or Yacrosoft! What will it be?

Disclaimer: I have great respect for both Microsoft and Yahoo! and merely wish to provide humorous editorial banter. With the wording of Microsoft's letter to...

3 replies - 7943 views - 02/01/08 by Jim Bethancourt in News

May Fortune Be My IM Status.

0 replies - 2724 views - 01/29/08 by Boon Hian Tek in Uncategorized

JQuery Maps Interface - Easily Create Google Or Yahoo Maps

0 replies - 73635 views - 07/27/07 by Tane Piper in Uncategorized

Snippet To Grab Historical Data For Stocks

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Python - RandomYahoo

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