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New Silverlight and Expression Blend DZone Refcard

Check out this Silverlight and Expression Blend cheat sheet - New from DZone RefcardzThis DZone Refcard provides an introduction to Silverlight 4 and...

0 replies - 22948 views - 03/29/10 by Lyndsey Clevesy in Announcements

Effectively combining Flex and Hibernate: The basics

Flex and Java can be combined effectively to create robust and scalable rich internet applications. Flex enables the creation of...

2 replies - 30083 views - 03/29/10 by Shashank Tiwari in Articles

Google App Engine Applets + Builder

DataBox is the innovative (and free) visual design tool for creating rich internet applications with Java client. Called the "Instant Rich Application...

0 replies - 2825 views - 02/23/10 by Jeff Martin in Announcements

Datalator - Fast RIA Tool and Hosting Environment

There is great interest in Agile/RAD tools for cloud environment with AJAX-style messaging and persistence and so on. Here is the deal: I have built a tool...

3 replies - 3923 views - 02/21/10 by Alex Semenov in News

RIA Architectures: An Exclusive Interview with Adobe's Duane Nickull

DZone recently caught up with Duane Nickull, Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe Systems and bass player with the band 22nd Century. In this...

5 replies - 13422 views - 12/21/09 by Nitin Bharti in Videos

Essential JavaFX

0 replies - 7052 views - 11/19/09 by German Viscuso in Book Reviews

JavaFX in Action

0 replies - 15094 views - 11/11/09 by Carl Dea in Book Reviews

Java App Store Coming Soon!

Danny Coward, Chief Client Software Architect at Sun, blogs that the Java Store is almost ready to open its doors.  Similar to Apple's app store, the Java...

7 replies - 17681 views - 11/02/09 by Mitch Pronschinske in News

New Version of Exadel JavaFX Studio: 1.1.0 (Eclipse Plug-in)

Version 1.1.0 of Exadel JavaFX Studio plug-in for Eclipse has been released. It adds these new features: JavaFX Script code assistJavaFX source editor...

0 replies - 2955 views - 10/27/09 by Max Katz in Announcements

Essential JavaFX

5 replies - 12610 views - 09/25/09 by Burk Hufnagel in Book Reviews

Announcing Apache Pivot 1.3

The Pivot development team is happy to announce the release of Apache Pivot 1.3. Apache Pivot is a platform for building rich internet applications in Java. It...

0 replies - 5985 views - 09/23/09 by Greg Brown in Announcements

JavaFX: Developing Rich Internet Applications

5 replies - 11859 views - 09/18/09 by Morten Nobel-Jø... in Book Reviews

Enterprise JavaFX: Our Experience Building a JavaFX UI for a Seam Booking Application

JavaFX is new tool set for developing and delivering Rich Internet Applications or RIAs. JavaFX 1.0 was released in December 2008, and JavaFX 1.2 was...

10 replies - 21718 views - 08/26/09 by Max Katz in Articles

Exadel JavaFX Studio Plug-in for Eclipse

Exadel Studio JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse version 1.0.1 is now available. Here is what’s new in this version: New icons (screen shots - this was a previous...

0 replies - 2763 views - 07/16/09 by Max Katz in Announcements

ZK 5.0 Preview

The ZK team is pleased to introduce ZK 5 which combines the productiveness of server centric architecture with the control of...

0 replies - 2790 views - 07/15/09 by Timothy Clare in Announcements

Book Review: Pro JavaFX Platform

8 replies - 8808 views - 07/09/09 by Jonathan Giles in Book Reviews

ICEfaces Performance Report - Corrected

The purpose of this article is to present accurate performance results for the ICEfaces RIA framework, correcting gross errors originally published in the...

16 replies - 16120 views - 07/07/09 by Stephen Maryka in Articles

Introduction to the Tide framework for Flex 3

Tide is an open source application framework for Adobe Flex that has been part of the Granite Data Services project for more than one year. It was developed at...

0 replies - 21162 views - 07/06/09 by William Draï in Articles

E4 – A New Area For RCP/RIA Applications

I’m on the road to prepare my example for the E4 talk I’m delivering on the Eclipse-Developers-Day in Karlsruhe and I have to say that in my eyes E4 is...

8 replies - 9601 views - 07/03/09 by Tom Schindl in Articles

WidgetFX 1.2

I am pleased to announce the 1.2 release of the WidgetFX project.  This brings the project up to speed with the latest JavaFX 1.2 release, and includes...

0 replies - 1591 views - 06/30/09 by Stephen Chin in Announcements