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Debunking the Myths Surrounding Android Monetization

If you're in the mobile development business, monetization is probably a fairly important issue to you. Why put months of work into an app if you're only going...

0 replies - 6575 views - 07/31/14 by Alec Noller in Articles

Beware of Upcoming Law Changes Regarding In-App Purchases

Do you allow users to make in-app-purchases in your apps? Beware of the upcoming law change. If you weren't aware, new consumer trading laws concerning...

1 replies - 9429 views - 02/05/14 by Matt Lacey in Articles

Multiple ad networks with one SDK on Android

As an Android developer you know that including ads in your apps is one of the major ways of app monetization on the Play Store (when combined with in-app...

0 replies - 5124 views - 05/04/13 by German Viscuso in Articles