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Web Framework Smackdown: ItsNat v0.3

Following the tradition started on TSSJS by Matt Raible and continued by Howard Lewis Ship about Tapestry, ItsNat v0.3 has been released a few days ago and is...

9 replies - 8620 views - 06/18/08 by Jose Maria Arranz in Articles

OpenXava 3.0.2: JPA Application Engine

OpenXava is a JPA Application Engine. You put in your JPA classes and, in exchange, you obtain a full-featured application ready for production, and without...

0 replies - 4272 views - 06/05/08 by Javier Paniza in Announcements

Java Frameworks and Pattern Usage by Developers

A couple of days ago I was thinking of the last time I used a pattern in my daily programming. I think it was 3 months ago! Then I tried to find out why.What I...

10 replies - 9715 views - 05/30/08 by Reza Ghafari in Articles

jWebApp 4.8.5: URL/Object Mapping, Forms, & REST

jWebApp is a trouble free full stack MVC web application framework that truly removes the complexities of web development and its configuration. jWebApp is so...

0 replies - 4201 views - 05/28/08 by David B. in Announcements

A Productivity Race: Ruby on Rails vs JPA on OX3

This article tries to demonstrate that Java can be more productive than Ruby. We are going to develop the same application of the article Rolling with...

21 replies - 29527 views - 05/15/08 by Javier Paniza in News

FlexGantt 1.1 Swing UI Framework

Release 1.1 of FlexGantt, the Gantt Charting framework for Java,  is available for download now. FlexGantt is a commercial user interface framework built on...

2 replies - 7570 views - 04/30/08 by Dirk Lemmermann in Announcements

[fleXive] 3.0 RC1 Java EE framework released under LGPL

[fleXive] is a comprehensive Java EE 5 library, based on EJB3, together with a supplementing JSF component library - built for flexibility and...

0 replies - 4516 views - 04/28/08 by Anton Zrzavy in Announcements

Wicket 1.2.7: the final maintenance release

The Wicket team announces the last maintenance release of Wicket 1.2: Wicket 1.2.7. This release marks the end-of-life for the non-Apache product branch....

0 replies - 4173 views - 03/23/08 by Martijn Dashorst in Announcements

Automating Zend MVC Structure

0 replies - 6367 views - 03/17/08 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Spring in Small Doses

Spring is a well organized framework and IoC container that can be used in a modular way. In this article we are going to see how Spring can help us to develop...

4 replies - 9536 views - 03/11/08 by Tiago Brito Spindola in News

OpenXava 2.2.5: Framework for Rapid Enterprise Java

[img_assist|nid=1236|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=58]OpenXava is a Framework to develop J2EE business applications rapidly and...

0 replies - 5939 views - 02/22/08 by Javier Paniza in Announcements

Jt 2.1: The Pattern Oriented J2EE Framework

Jt is a pattern oriented framework for the rapid implementation of J2EE applications. Jt has been utilized in several large mission critical systems. Jt...

0 replies - 6422 views - 02/08/08 by EG in News

Apache Wicket 1.3.1: Now with clustering

Apache Wicket 1.3.1 is released! The Apache Wicket team is proud to announce the availability of the first maintenance release: Apache Wicket 1.3.1. A lot of...

0 replies - 8539 views - 02/05/08 by Martijn Dashorst in News

JMatter: Great Looking Swing Front-ends for Your DB Back-ends

[img_assist|nid=774|title=|desc=|link=url|url=|align=left|width=250|height=147]JMatter is a software framework for constructing...

3 replies - 5899 views - 02/05/08 by Andres Almiray in News

ItsNat Java Web Framework: DHTML on the Server

Talk of there being "too many Java web frameworks" is deceptive, argues Jose Maria Arranz, because their development styles hardly differ. His...

3 replies - 8853 views - 01/31/08 by Geertjan Wielenga in News

Wizard Driven Web Framework Plugin Development

Despite all the discussions that have been held about the many web frameworks that have enriched the world, about their contrasts and similarities, there are...

3 replies - 7220 views - 01/24/08 by Geertjan Wielenga in News

Very Simple Script Using Dojo Widget And I/O

0 replies - 6866 views - 10/17/06 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized


0 replies - 743 views - 03/28/06 by Hans Zimmer in Uncategorized

The Camping Short, Short Example

0 replies - 7376 views - 03/28/06 by Hans Zimmer in Uncategorized