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ZK 3.6 Supports Java Applets

In ZK 3.6.0, Listbox supports auto-soring on fields, Applet Component allows you to embed Java Applet, and Debug mode for testing is provided. In addition to...

0 replies - 4530 views - 03/03/09 by Robbie Cheng in Announcements

OpenXava 3.1.1: Be Productive Developing Enterprise AJAX Applications

OpenXava 3.1.1 is a framework to develop Java Enterprise applications in a different way: OpenXava avoids MVC. You provide only your POJOs annotated with JPA...

0 replies - 2203 views - 02/25/09 by Javier Paniza in Announcements

Introduction to JOODAMP Framework for Bulk data processing

This article gives a brief introduction about JOODAMP (Java Pooled Data Multi Processor ) framework which started from scratch....

7 replies - 13943 views - 02/20/09 by pradeep Duraisamy in Articles

Jt - Java Pattern Oriented Framework (Jt 3.2)

Jt3.2 has been released. Jt is a pattern oriented framework for the rapid implementation of Java applications. Jt has been utilized in several large mission...

0 replies - 1770 views - 02/03/09 by EG in Announcements

Better Java Web Frameworks: ItsNat

Ibrahim Levent has recently written an interesting article, here at JavaLobby, about how a (Java) web framework should be, based on his own...

4 replies - 12262 views - 01/30/09 by Jose Maria Arranz in Articles

Better Java Web Frameworks

I have been doing web application framework development for a long time. In my first experience, we developed a “Web Application Framework“, to ease...

11 replies - 23865 views - 01/29/09 by Ibrahim Levent in News

OpenXava 3.1: AJAX Application from JPA Entities

OpenXava 3.1 is a framework to develop Java Enterprise applications in a different way: OpenXava avoids MVC. You provide only your POJOs annotated with JPA and...

1 replies - 3726 views - 12/19/08 by Javier Paniza in Announcements

Book Comparison: Spring Recipes and Pro Spring 2.5

Since about 2 years ago I have been an evangelist for Pro Spring book in the Spring Forum, the best and definitive book to learn Spring from the scratch...

0 replies - 15108 views - 12/17/08 by Manuel Jordan in Articles

ZK 3.5.2 & Brand New ZK Demo

Over 10 new features and 36 bugs fixed. It enables better integration between MVC pattern and data-binding, template page supported. ZK 3.5.2 is released. Over...

0 replies - 5565 views - 12/11/08 by Robbie Cheng in Announcements

Case Study: Experience of Building AJAX with ZK

DBL started using ZK for all new web-development in early 2007, and these systems are now in use by clients in various private sector firms. BACKGROUNDMany of...

2 replies - 4477 views - 11/27/08 by Robbie Cheng in Announcements

Roma 1.0.0: The First Meta Framework

Do you really need a meta framework? Every day a new tool or framework appears on the market. Using a technology means to have a marriage with it, very often...

0 replies - 3836 views - 11/12/08 by Luca Garulli in Announcements

Webinar: An Introduction of ZK Ajax Framework.

This webinar introduces the advantages of ZK framework and why distinguishes ZK from other Ajax frameworks. Moreover, it includes a short tutorial about...

0 replies - 4029 views - 10/25/08 by Robbie Cheng in Announcements

Jspresso framework 2.2 (LGPLv3) has been released

Jspresso is a full-stack java framework to develop N-tier distributed desktop-like applications. Jspresso covers extensively the whole software architecture...

0 replies - 3434 views - 10/07/08 by Vincent Vandens... in Announcements

ojAlgo v24: Linear Algebra, Optimisation and Maths for Finance

Version 24 of ojAlgo has been released (not too long ago) and work on Version 25 has begun.ojAlgo is Open Source Java code that has to do with mathematics,...

0 replies - 5187 views - 09/19/08 by Anders Peterson in Announcements

Spring Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

3 replies - 12131 views - 09/18/08 by Manuel Jordan in Book Reviews

[fleXive] Java EE 5 framework 3.0

We are proud to announce the major release of the 3.0 version of [fleXive]. The feature complete major release is now available for the community after a...

0 replies - 4969 views - 09/12/08 by Anton Zrzavy in Announcements

OpenXava 3.0.3: JPA Application Engine

OpenXava is a JPA Application Engine. You put in your JPA classes and, in exchange, you obtain a full-featured application ready for production, and without...

0 replies - 5372 views - 08/19/08 by Javier Paniza in Announcements

Internet Explorer - Operation Aborted - Mootools

0 replies - 5576 views - 08/13/08 by John Griffiths in Uncategorized

OpenEdit Framework: Unobtrusive, Extensible, Agnostic, Fun

OpenEdit is continuing to pop up in lots of different places. As we continue to refine and grow the software, we'd like to engage the community at every...

2 replies - 3950 views - 07/11/08 by in Announcements

Apache Wicket 1.3.4: Many Bug Fixes, Especially Leaks Plugged

The Apache Wicket team has made available its fourth 1.3 maintenance release: Apache Wicket 1.3.4. A lot of bugs have been squashed and several improvements...

0 replies - 5936 views - 06/27/08 by Martijn Dashorst in Announcements