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Flex BlazeDS Java Map To Flex Dynamic Object

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Flex Regex Versus Java Regex + Howto Embed Regex In Flex

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Categorization and Comparison of Popular Web Frameworks in the Java / JVM Environment

The following article shows a categorization of Java / JVM web-frameworks, considering different types of web applications. The intention is to give an...

12 replies - 29513 views - 12/31/10 by Kai Wähner in Articles

Bean Validation & Big Numbers for Flex with GraniteDS 2.2.0 GA

Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) is a comprehensive development and integration solution for building Flex / JavaEE RIA applications. The entire framework...

0 replies - 1949 views - 11/25/10 by Franck Wolff in Announcements

Daily Dose - Spring Mobile and Spring Android Go Live

SpringSource just announced two new projects to aid Spring users in mobile application development.  The first is Spring Mobile, which provides extensions to...

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Cookies In Flex

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Rich Graphics with Apache Pivot 2.0

Pivot 2.0 is expected to be released shortly and there are some great enhancements in this version. Just one that I'm excited about is the new SVG support,...

9 replies - 9340 views - 11/02/10 by Thomas Buhr in Articles

Book Review: Flex 3 with Java

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The "Mobilization" of Enterprise Applications with Exadel Flamingo

Mobile technologies have taken markets by storm. Every day we hear news about new smartphones and gadgets, new features, operating systems, vendor alliances,...

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Flex on Java eXchange 2010 - June 16th

 Skills Matter is pleased to organise the first Annual Flex on Java eXchange, bringing together the leading experts on RIA, Flex, Java, Spring and Grails...

0 replies - 1282 views - 05/10/10 by Wendy Devolder in Announcements

TWaver Flex 1.0 Final Version

Serva Software has released TWaver Flex 1.0 final version, packed with a brand new demo and developer guide. TWaver Flex is a TWaver branch for Adobe Flex...

0 replies - 1828 views - 04/21/10 by servasoft in Announcements

Flex Expert on the Past, Present, and Future of RIA

Flex is being used in many important places you might not know about, like hospitals. Michael Labriola says that's because Flex has a thin client that brings a...

0 replies - 8958 views - 04/08/10 by Eric Hagan in Videos

Spring BlazeDS Integration with Flex 4 Final

For more than a year, SpringSource and Adobe have fostered a partnership aimed at optimizing the integration between Spring and BlazeDS.  The Spring BlazeDS...

5 replies - 26680 views - 03/23/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Articles

Highly Interactive Software with Java and Flex

This morning at TSSJS, I attended James Ward's talk about Highly Interactive Software with Java and Flex. Below are my notes from his...

2 replies - 5660 views - 03/19/10 by Matt Raible in News

Pivot a Top Project: Ready to Challenge Flex, Silverlight, and JavaFX

Nearly a year after entering the Apache Incubator, the Pivot project officially graduated to a top-level Apache project.  The ASF board passed the resolution...

29 replies - 14264 views - 01/19/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Articles

Open Source IntelliJ IDEA 9: A Coding Partner

JetBrains recently announced the public availability of its popular (and formerly proprietary) IDE.  The announcement caused a lot of excitement and spurred...

4 replies - 10554 views - 12/10/09 by Mitch Pronschinske in Articles

My Devoxx Discoveries of the Year

Every year, the main reason why I go to Devoxx is to discover new stuff. For me it’s all about technology watch. The internet and RSS feeds are my main...

0 replies - 11973 views - 11/29/09 by Sebastien Arbogast in News

Adobe's Ben Forta on ColdFusion 9, CF Adoption Trends

DZone recently caught up with Ben Forta, ColdFusion guru and renowned book author to discuss the state of the ColdFusion market, CF adoption trends, and the...

1 replies - 20117 views - 11/17/09 by Nitin Bharti in Articles

Flex 3 with Java Book Review

0 replies - 12899 views - 09/29/09 by Michael Shields in Book Reviews

Introduction to the Tide framework for Flex 3

Tide is an open source application framework for Adobe Flex that has been part of the Granite Data Services project for more than one year. It was developed at...

0 replies - 20891 views - 07/06/09 by William Draï in Articles