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Eclipse RAP 2.0 QuickStart with IntelliJ IDEA

Eclipse RAP 2.0 is finally out! As you probably know, developing Eclipse RAP or RCP applications outside of Eclipse can be challenging. Actually, even...

0 replies - 2830 views - 02/24/13 by Edvin Syse in Articles

Business Applications in the browser – finally a viable alternative

Web 2.0 applications are great. They are visually appealing, fast, intuitive and responsive. However, for large ERP systems and the like, the paradigms of the...

0 replies - 4461 views - 12/03/12 by Edvin Syse in Articles

Building Rich Clients with JacpFX and JavaFX2

Creating fast and scaling desktop clients is always a challenge, particularly when dealing with a large amount of data and long running tasks. Although Eclipse...

0 replies - 9780 views - 03/09/12 by Andy Moncsek in Articles

Eclipse RCP Training Series in Munich

April 23-27, Munich: Learn the Eclipse Rich Client Platform with Kai Tödter  Munich, Germany. Eclipse RCP is a platform for building and deploying rich...

0 replies - 3696 views - 03/09/12 by Toni Epple in Announcements

JUG Munich: Eclipse 4.x Rendering

On March 12 Eclipse E4 Contributor Kai Tödter will present Eclipse 4.x rendering concepts at the Munich JUG (http://www.jugm.de/). Join us for the Event!...

0 replies - 3592 views - 03/09/12 by Toni Epple in Announcements

Upcoming Eppleton NetBeans Platform Trainings

New Training Dates for 2012 in Munich with Dream Team Member Anton Epple Eppleton IT Consulting is happy to announce new training dates for our...

0 replies - 3237 views - 01/12/12 by Toni Epple in Announcements

The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)

1 replies - 9804 views - 11/25/11 by James Sugrue in Book Reviews

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Oktoberfest in Munich

Like every year everyone here in Munich is preparing for the Oktoberfest, dusting their Lederhosn or buying a new Dirndl. It's really a nice event, well, it's...

0 replies - 4191 views - 08/25/11 by Toni Epple in Announcements

March 7 - 9: NetBeans Platform Training in San Francisco

San Francisco. A NetBeans Platform (a.k.a. NetBeans RCP) training is going to be held in San Francisco from 7 to 9 March. Munich-based training organization...

0 replies - 3474 views - 02/02/11 by Toni Epple in Announcements

Free NetBeans RCP Talk in London: Creating Substantial Desktop Applications

The NetBeans Platform is the framework that underlies the NetBeans IDE—and many other desktop applications, some of which you may have already used. The...

0 replies - 6021 views - 07/09/10 by Rux Luta in Announcements

Eclipse Rich Client Platform

0 replies - 8382 views - 06/22/10 by James Sugrue in Book Reviews

Get Schooled by Eclipse

The Eclipse Foundation along with several member companies are offering a new training series this fall.  Based on feedback received from the community, the 4...

0 replies - 2860 views - 09/17/09 by Lynn Gayowski in Announcements

Eclipse Plug-ins (Your Chance to Win A Copy)

31 replies - 16787 views - 01/19/09 by James Sugrue in Book Reviews

Programmatically Split An Editor Area To Show Two Editors Side By Side.

0 replies - 4378 views - 10/17/08 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Excelsior JET 6.5 beta 1: Protect Eclipse RCP Apps

This is a call for beta testers, aimed at those interested in protecting Eclipse RCP applications against reverse engineering and tampering. Excelsior JET 6.5,...

2 replies - 5174 views - 08/04/08 by Dmitry Leskov in Announcements

Spring Rich Client - Part 2

Let us do some more basics with the “Spring Rich Client” 1.0.0 (SpringRC). Although it is time to give an overview of the entire architecture I won’t do...

13 replies - 14629 views - 07/03/08 by Peter Karussell in Articles

Spring Rich Client - Part 1

Today I will start a series about the great Swing framework called Spring Rich Client (SRC). The 1.0.0 version was released in March 2008 and it is not...

7 replies - 24103 views - 06/20/08 by Peter Karussell in Articles

Nuxeo RCP 2.0: Document & Multimedia Platform

Nuxeo, pioneer and leader in open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM), has announced the launch of Nuxeo RCP 2.0, a dedicated platform for the...

0 replies - 4569 views - 05/24/08 by Stefane Fermigier in Announcements

Run popular Swing apps inside your RCP application, like JFreeChart and Jasper Reports

TrioMii, the maker of the SwingRCP software development add-on to the Eclipse platform just annouced the latest release of their latest version 1.1.0 is...

1 replies - 5160 views - 02/16/08 by in Announcements

Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform

2 replies - 7908 views - 09/10/07 by Matthew Schmidt in Book Reviews