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Wizard Driven Web Framework Plugin Development

Despite all the discussions that have been held about the many web frameworks that have enriched the world, about their contrasts and similarities, there are...

3 replies - 7244 views - 01/24/08 by Geertjan Wielenga in News

Which IDE supports Groovy best?

Recently I got a lot of advice about Groovy and IDE support. In the recent past, I tried other IDE plugins for Groovy and was less than impressed. Yesterday...

14 replies - 21422 views - 01/23/08 by Rick Hightower in News

What Java IDE VM arguments do YOU use?

Java based IDEs are really impressive these days, but developers may quickly find themselves running up against a wall (or worse, constant crashes!) with...

12 replies - 55687 views - 01/21/08 by Jim Bethancourt in News

Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform

2 replies - 7757 views - 09/10/07 by Matthew Schmidt in Book Reviews