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GWT Designer Now Supports GWT 2.0

GWT Designer™ v7.3, Instantiations' popular graphical user interface (GUI) building product, stays in sync with the major new release of the open source...

0 replies - 4858 views - 02/05/10 by Marta George in Announcements

GWT Development With IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

As you know recently JetBrains released open source version of IntelliJ IDEA. If you look at comparison matrix it is shipped with a small number of core...

2 replies - 29687 views - 01/21/10 by Victor Tsoukanov in Tips and Tricks

GWT 2.0 Adds a Bunch of New Tools

Version 2.0 of the Google Web Toolkit is now available.  The new version of Google's Java centric toolkit for browser-based applications features a...

0 replies - 17849 views - 12/09/09 by Mitch Pronschinske in News

GWT and Mule Playing Together

Mule is a leading open source solution for organizations to integrate and harmonize disparate systems within their enterprise. It also provides...

0 replies - 1937 views - 09/11/09 by Rauf Issa in Announcements

Metawidget 0.8: New support for ICEfaces, JSR 303, and More

Metawidget 0.8: New support for ICEfaces, JSR 303, and more Metawidget is a smart User Interface widget that populates itself, at runtime, with UI...

2 replies - 2144 views - 08/13/09 by Richard Kennard in Announcements

JServer 2.6.0 Beta - Build Mule/GWT Apps and Jobs

Grand Logic is pleased to announce the release of JServer 2.6.0 (aka JobServer). This release includes improved SOA and enterprise capabilities along with...

0 replies - 1603 views - 07/20/09 by Rauf Issa in Announcements

Introducing Shandor Xul: Run Apps in Swing, Swt and GWT

For the past year Pentaho has been developing a UI framework based on XUL for writing apps that run in Swing, SWT and GWT without code modification. It's been...

0 replies - 2270 views - 05/23/09 by Nick Baker in Announcements

JobServer 2.4.6 - Free Edition Now Available!

Grand Logic is pleased to announce the release of JobServer 2.4.6. This is a maintenance release, but what's more interesting that starting with this release...

0 replies - 1485 views - 04/21/09 by Rauf Issa in Announcements

Scroll To Top Of Page In GWT

0 replies - 7274 views - 04/03/09 by Matt Raible in Uncategorized

TeamPostgreSQL: Showcasing Google Web Toolkit

Webworks just released TeamPostgreSQL, their web administration and team platform for the PostgreSQL database.A JEE web application with a rich AJAX client,...

0 replies - 2969 views - 03/19/09 by Johnny Zetterstrom in Announcements

How To Parse And Evaluate JavaScript In GWT

0 replies - 10529 views - 03/17/09 by Matt Raible in Uncategorized

Project Bespin and the Future of Web UI According to Google

Last week, Mozilla Labs unveiled yet another innovative project called Bespin. Bespin is an online code editor. I shared my opinion on Online IDEs in the past...

4 replies - 8470 views - 02/16/09 by Zviki Cohen in Articles

Testing GWT Applications

Last week, I did some research on GWT, how to test it and code coverage options for tests that extend GWTTestCase. The reason I did this is because I've found...

0 replies - 23074 views - 02/11/09 by Matt Raible in Articles

JobServer 2.4.2

Latest release introduces ability to run job and SOA tasks in-process or out-of-process. Grand Logic is pleased to announce the release of JobServer 2.4.2....

0 replies - 3424 views - 12/31/08 by Rauf Issa in Announcements

Getting Rid of Package-Based GWT URL's

Deploying a fancy GWT application loses a lot of its shine when you see a my.package.gwt url in your browser. To get rid of this, you only need two extra lines...

4 replies - 8408 views - 12/20/08 by Jürgen De Commer in Tips and Tricks

PureMVC Framework: GWT Compliant

PureMVC, the well-known Java AS3 framework, is now available for Java and GWT. PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the...

0 replies - 5527 views - 10/20/08 by DSI opensource in Announcements

GWT UniversalClient: "Look Mom, No RPC!"

How to develop GWT applications without RPC code using the UniversalClient API. GWT has enabled a more OO style of programming again within the web application...

5 replies - 10966 views - 10/11/08 by Rauf Issa in Articles

Metawidget 0.6: New Support for Swing AppFramework, JBoss jBPM & More

Metawidget is an Open Source 'smart UI widget' that populates itself at runtime with UI components to match the properties of your business objects.In addition...

0 replies - 5517 views - 10/08/08 by Richard Kennard in Announcements

JobServer 2.0.14 with Ext GWT support

The latest release of JobServer 2.0 now provides support for Ext GWT - build your SOA applets and jobs using the full power of GWT 1.5 and Ext GWT. The latest...

0 replies - 4062 views - 10/06/08 by Rauf Issa in Announcements

GWT: Building A Model

The model layer of a GWT application has to be a little bit smarter than the model in many traditional web applications. It needs to be responsible for...

3 replies - 13954 views - 09/22/08 by Schalk Neethling in News