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Emotional Contagion: Contextualizing the Controversy

Note: This is a repost of a blog post about the Facebook emotional contagion experiment that I wrote on People Pattern’s blog. This is the first in a...

0 replies - 3809 views - 07/16/14 by Jason Baldridge in Articles

Copyright and APIs, Reflecting on Oracle vs Google

Yesterday’s Court Judgement in favor of Oracle in the Oracle v’s Google Java Lawsuit has caused a lot of debate online (CNET [Twice], FOOSPatents, Wired,...

0 replies - 11500 views - 06/04/14 by Steven Willmott in Articles

Microsoft Comes Crashing into the $1.9 Trillion Internet of Things Market

On Wednesday, April 15th, Microsoft came crashing into the competitor’s ring for the still-emerging industry of the Internet of Things (IoT), sometimes...

1 replies - 12249 views - 04/18/14 by Benjamin Ball in Articles

DZone Research Cloud News Update (April 7)

A lot has happened in the cloud industry since the release of our 2014 Cloud Platform Research Report in early March, which is why we are providing monthly...

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Hawtio 1.3.0 Released and a Bit News About the 1st Fabric8 Community Release

So today on april 1st we released hawtio 1.3.0. Well we are likely not making the same headlines as others news would do on this aprils fool day. But...

0 replies - 3587 views - 04/02/14 by Claus Ibsen in Articles

Java 8 Has Landed – A MuleSoft Perspective

[This article originally written by James Donelan.]  It’s been a long time coming, but we’re glad it’s here. Oracle just announced the...

0 replies - 2666 views - 03/31/14 by Ross Mason in Articles

NuoDB and Isolation Levels in Terms of MVCC

Good news loyal readers, Trek is here to dive down into the transactional semantics of NuoDB again. Huzzah! In particular, I'd like to direct the worthy...

0 replies - 2703 views - 01/26/14 by Trek Palmer in Articles

Links You Don't Want To Miss (5/15)

Mazes, AI, and PathfindingTwo ways through a maze, or more specifically, two pathfinding solutions. One allows the robot to see the entire maze, including...

0 replies - 5049 views - 05/15/13 by Eric Gregory in Articles

Dev of the Week: A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

Every week, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community here and in our newsletter, catching up to find out what they're working on...

0 replies - 7576 views - 04/17/13 by Eric Gregory in Articles

ASF Announces Apache Bloodhound as Top-Level Project

WANdisco submitted Bloodhound to the Apache Incubator in December 2011 and our developers have been involved in the Apache Bloodhound project...

0 replies - 2409 views - 04/02/13 by Jessica Thornsby in Articles

How to Move Servers Between AWS Accounts

This is a short post about how to move your (EC2) server from one account to another. I got in this situation a few ago and wanted to move our WordPress server...

0 replies - 6334 views - 03/20/13 by Pascal Alma in Articles

MongoDB 2.4 is Out!

Today MongoDB has seen a new big release, 2.4. Between the features that have been added we can see hash-based sharding, capped arrays, and a brand new Text...

0 replies - 11269 views - 03/19/13 by Giorgio Sironi in Articles

Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/13)

Python at Netflix At Netflix, engineers are allowed to use whatever technologies they feel are best suited to their current project, and more and more often,...

0 replies - 4163 views - 03/13/13 by Eric Gregory in Articles

The Guardian Is Brilliant in Supporting Relevant Events with Open Data

I’m a big fan of what The Guardian is doing with their data and API strategy. I think they are a model for what old media should be doing around the...

0 replies - 1936 views - 01/18/13 by Kin Lane in Articles

SDP December 2011: Everything New in C++

Noam and I delivered on Tuesday a joint session called Everything New in C++ at the SELA Developer Practice. It’s been a really fun session to work on,...

1 replies - 3655 views - 12/09/11 by Sasha Goldshtein in News

So There Will be a Java 7 and it Will Have to Pass the JCP

While everyone talks about the slip of the JDK7 schedule, I found another piece of information from Reinholds announcement much more noteworthy:   As...

5 replies - 8715 views - 09/11/10 by Jörg Buchberger in News

Introducing nWP, the Java Counterpart of WordPress

At Numiton we've been exploring several options for hosting our blog on dedicated servers.We wanted to stick with a Java Web container for several reasons...

9 replies - 6955 views - 10/05/08 by Robert Enyedi in Announcements

Snippets 2 Launches!

7 replies - 1630 views - 12/10/05 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Getting And Parsing 10x10

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