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Ant or Gant?

Yes, this is exactly what I am frequently asked by my clients and many developers. It isn't easy to answer this question. There are several  projects using...

34 replies - 40434 views - 09/23/08 by Meera Subbarao in Articles

Is easyb Easy?

I was introduced to easyb by none other than the creator of easyb: Andrew Glover. In spite of hearing and reading a lot about easyb from Andy, I never had a...

14 replies - 41218 views - 09/17/08 by Meera Subbarao in Articles

Griffon: Grails-like Framework for Swing

The initial release of Griffon, a Grails-like framework for Swing application development, has been posted. Danno Ferrin has the inside scoop.After over a year...

0 replies - 15795 views - 09/11/08 by Andres Almiray in Announcements

Using a Hibernate Interceptor To Set Audit Trail Properties

In almost every application I've done, the database tables have some kind of audit trail fields. Sometimes this is a separate "audit log" table...

16 replies - 81670 views - 08/27/08 by Scott Leberknight in Articles

List The 10 Most Recent Files: Groovy Version.

0 replies - 6757 views - 08/15/08 by Marcos Silva Pereira in Uncategorized

Showing A Use To DELEGATE_FIRST Closure Resolve Strategy: Selenium Navigation

0 replies - 3693 views - 08/15/08 by Marcos Silva Pereira in Uncategorized

Making The Methods And Properties Lookups Inside A Closure Be Resolved To The Delegate.

0 replies - 2519 views - 08/15/08 by Marcos Silva Pereira in Uncategorized

Rapid Web Application Prototyping with Maven and Groovy

Utilizing both Maven and Groovy you can rapidly prototype web apps, and in this blog I'll walk you through exactly how to do that. First we are going to...

1 replies - 17723 views - 08/14/08 by Schalk Neethling in News

JavaFx: the hidden threading rule

The following post is the result of my latest JavaFx Script experiments mixed with Stu's Java.Next series (1,2). Alright, so Stu decides to showcase how the...

6 replies - 25575 views - 08/13/08 by Andres Almiray in News

Spring and Scripting

Spring is among the handful of Java application frameworks that is widely used in many enterprise projects. It has become a viable alternative to the more...

1 replies - 16870 views - 08/11/08 by Meera Subbarao in Articles

Leveraging Unit Tests As Functional Tests, Load Tests, and Service Monitors

Frank Cohen will demonstrate the new PushToTest TestMaker Version 5 open- source end-to-end service governance and test automation tool. Software developers...

0 replies - 12233 views - 07/21/08 by Schalk Neethling in News

Quick Menu Creation with the Java SwingBuilder's SWT-style API

The latest 0.2.DEV release of the Java SwingBuilder introduces SWT-style API for creating menu items in the YAML file, thus allowing you to specify the text,...

0 replies - 5934 views - 07/19/08 by Jacek Furmankiewicz in Announcements

Cross-platform installer for Groovy 1.5.6

The fine folks of IzPack fame have announced the availability of a cross-platform installer fro Groovy 1.5.6, of course based on the open source java based...

1 replies - 4846 views - 07/17/08 by Andres Almiray in Announcements

Metawidget 0.55: New Support for GWT, Groovy, and More

Metawidget is an Open Source 'smart UI widget' that populates itself at runtime with UI components to match the properties of a given business object. In...

0 replies - 7661 views - 07/15/08 by Richard Kennard in Announcements

N-BRAIN's UNA Now Supports Groovy, Scala, Fan

N-BRAIN today announced release of the next micro version of UNA (1.0.7404). This version of UNA adds support for three new languages that run on the Java...

0 replies - 3838 views - 07/11/08 by John De Goes in Announcements

Easyb 0.9

The easyb team is pleased to announce the release of easyb 0.9, baby! easyb is a BDD framework (like RSpec & JBehave) that provides a domain specific...

0 replies - 6065 views - 06/30/08 by Andres Almiray in Announcements

Taking JavaFX Head-on: Java SwingBuilder 0.1.RC2 [UPDATED]

Java SwingBuilder is an attempt to bring dynamic language-type productivity to Java Swing UI development by defining the layout/event wiring/binding in a...

1 replies - 4227 views - 06/26/08 by Jacek Furmankiewicz in Announcements

Comparing Closures in Java, Groovy and Scala

On Paul's return from JavaOne this year, we spoke about Neal Gafter's Closures Cookbook talk. From what I understood, this was a look at the BGGA closures...

2 replies - 11648 views - 06/16/08 by Richard Dallaway in Articles

Download A Web Page

1 replies - 3712 views - 05/27/08 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Functional Web Services Testing Made Easy with SoapUI - Part 2

Part 1 of this series helped provide the background needed to begin exploring web services testing. We learned the basics of SoapUI and how easy it was to...

26 replies - 164835 views - 05/12/08 by Meera Subbarao in Articles