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Programming Groovy

0 replies - 7158 views - 09/03/09 by Andrzej Grzesik in Book Reviews

Interview: James Williams on Griffon

The Strange Loop conference is a unique software developer conference in St. Louis featuring excellent speakers and a wide variety of languages and...

0 replies - 8332 views - 08/28/09 by Alex Miller in News

Tradução De Caracteres ASCII Especiais Para Entidades HTML

0 replies - 4384 views - 08/22/09 by Erico Marineli in Uncategorized

dotCMS Now Runs Ruby, Python, PHP, Groovy, JavaScript

dotCMS now runs Ruby, Python, PHP, Groovy, JavaScript Enterprise class wCMS give web developers breakthrough flexibility dotCMS, the...

0 replies - 2317 views - 08/18/09 by Will Ezell in Announcements

Introducing Nimble, An Extensive Application Base for Grails

At Intient we've been working on an Apache 2.0 licensed project we call 'Nimble' for the past few months and we'd like to share it with all of you. Nimble...

0 replies - 3429 views - 08/14/09 by Bradley Beddoes in Announcements

Book Review - Grails: A Quick Start Guide

5 replies - 9472 views - 08/05/09 by Matt Stine in Book Reviews

The New Era of Programming Languages

Burton Group has just published the overview I authored titled  The New Era of Programming Languages. This is a timely document. The Tiobe Programming...

0 replies - 16749 views - 06/18/09 by Kirk Knoernschild in News

JavaOne 2009 - A Retrospective

Walking out of the Moscone Center into the early evening air of San Francisco, it was hard to believe that JavaOne 2009 was over. Sure I'd spent four long days...

4 replies - 4396 views - 06/16/09 by Burk Hufnagel in Articles

JavaOne 2009 Day 2 - Part 2

This article covers more technical sessions, the Wednesday afternoon General Session on Mobility, and a couple of BOFs.First up is "Extreme GUI...

2 replies - 3794 views - 06/09/09 by Burk Hufnagel in Articles

Taking on GUI Builders with the Swing JavaBuilder

As the author of the Swing JavaBuilder library, I'd like to present to you a simple tutorial that explains what it can do for you and how it can maximize Swing...

12 replies - 32822 views - 03/31/09 by Jacek Furmankiewicz in Articles

Gant 1.6.0: Build Listeners

Gant 1.6.0 has been released.This is really a single change release -- Gant now supports build listeners, thanks to Graeme Rocher -- but there are a couple...

0 replies - 3761 views - 01/24/09 by Russel Winder in Announcements

Gant 1.5.0 released

Gant 1.5.0 has been released and has already made it to Debian Sid and Ubuntu Jaunty.There are lots of bug fixes but the main features are a restructuring of...

0 replies - 2186 views - 12/17/08 by Russel Winder in Announcements

Easy Grails with IntelliJ IDEA

This post opens a series of articles related to Groovy and Grails development with IntelliJ IDEA 8. Today we’ll discuss some general enhancements that...

4 replies - 26080 views - 12/05/08 by Irina Megorskaya in News

Vroom Request Dispatcher 1.0.0 Released

Vroom Request Dispatcher or VRD is a light weight API that helps you write java web applications with simplicity. No need to write servlets that require...

0 replies - 5235 views - 12/01/08 by Farrukh Ijaz in Announcements

Is Java Becoming Irrelevant?

Sun Microsystems announced today that it would be laying off 6,000 employees (18% of it’s workforce) in an attempt to better realign itself with “global...

37 replies - 13299 views - 11/15/08 by Riyad Kalla in Articles

Groovy Recipes - Greasing the Wheels of Java

0 replies - 7933 views - 11/11/08 by Burk Hufnagel in Book Reviews

Groovy 1.5.7 and 1.6-beta2 released

This is with great pleasure that the Groovy development team and G2One announce the joint release of both Groovy 1.5.7 -- current stable and maintenance branch...

6 replies - 9474 views - 10/09/08 by Andres Almiray in News

Metawidget 0.6: New Support for Swing AppFramework, JBoss jBPM & More

Metawidget is an Open Source 'smart UI widget' that populates itself at runtime with UI components to match the properties of your business objects.In addition...

0 replies - 5494 views - 10/08/08 by Richard Kennard in Announcements

Inforama Document Automator 1.0

Inforama, a new Open Source document generation and automation project has been released.Inforama, allows businesses to create personalised letters and...

1 replies - 2898 views - 09/30/08 by Val Cassidy in Announcements