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Maven2 to Gradle Converter

Last JavaEdge I delivered a session about Java build tools landscape. My impression from this overview is solid - Gradle rocks. It is a best of breed and...

1 replies - 14173 views - 02/23/10 by Baruch Sadogursky in Articles

Fast immutable persistent functional queues for concurrency with Groovy

Everybody probably heard that functional data structures are great for concurrency. In this note I am going to show why is it so and to show how easy to...

1 replies - 11259 views - 02/22/10 by Alex Tkachman in Articles

Groovy.compareTo(Groovy++) - Part 1

My previous article A sneak peek into Groovy++ covered what Groovy++ is, what are the pros and cons of using it, where it fits compared to Groovy and Java and...

4 replies - 12134 views - 02/07/10 by Roshan Dawrani in Articles

Using Groovy to Generate Objective-C

I'm in the process of porting a Windows Mobile application to the iPhone for a local company.  The existing Windows Mobile application uses a local database...

5 replies - 9502 views - 02/05/10 by Gregg Bolinger in Articles

Reloading Java Classes: Classloaders in Web Development — Tomcat, GlassFish, OSGi, Tapestry 5

In this article we’ll review how dynamic classloaders are used in real servers, containers and frameworks to reload Java classes and applications. ...

4 replies - 15803 views - 01/23/10 by Dave Booth in Articles

Java Power Tools Author John Smart Comes to the UK

 Well known in the Java community for his many published articles, and as author of the Java Power Tools book, John Smart has agreed to fly over from New...

0 replies - 1695 views - 01/04/10 by Wendy Devolder in Announcements

Inforama Document Automation System 1.4

Inforama is a Java based Document Automation system which allows document templates to be created quickly and easily using OpenOffice. Templates are populated...

0 replies - 1388 views - 12/16/09 by Val Cassidy in Announcements

Author Interview: Dave Klein on Grails: A Quick Start Guide

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dave Klein, the author of DZone's Getting Started with Grails Refcard and Grails: A Quick-Start Guide for the...

0 replies - 12153 views - 12/14/09 by Matt Stine in Articles

My Devoxx Discoveries of the Year

Every year, the main reason why I go to Devoxx is to discover new stuff. For me it’s all about technology watch. The internet and RSS feeds are my main...

0 replies - 11734 views - 11/29/09 by Sebastien Arbogast in News

Gant 1.8.1 Released

Gant is a tool for scripting Ant tasks using Groovy instead of XML to specify the logic. A Gant specification is a Groovy script and so can bring all the...

0 replies - 958 views - 10/13/09 by Russel Winder in Announcements

Groovy Recipes Greasing the Wheels of Java

0 replies - 7609 views - 10/06/09 by Dan Clark in Book Reviews

Groovy & Grails eXchange 2009 - London - December 9&10th

Following on from the success in previous years, Skills Matter is pleased to organise another Groovy & Grails eXchange. We hope to bring together...

1 replies - 1118 views - 09/07/09 by Wendy Devolder in Announcements

Grails in Action

4 replies - 12626 views - 09/03/09 by Alessio Spadaro in Book Reviews

Programming Groovy

0 replies - 6837 views - 09/03/09 by Andrzej Grzesik in Book Reviews

Interview: James Williams on Griffon

The Strange Loop conference is a unique software developer conference in St. Louis featuring excellent speakers and a wide variety of languages and...

0 replies - 8048 views - 08/28/09 by Alex Miller in News

Tradução De Caracteres ASCII Especiais Para Entidades HTML

0 replies - 3964 views - 08/22/09 by Erico Marineli in Uncategorized

dotCMS Now Runs Ruby, Python, PHP, Groovy, JavaScript

dotCMS now runs Ruby, Python, PHP, Groovy, JavaScript Enterprise class wCMS give web developers breakthrough flexibility dotCMS, the...

0 replies - 2181 views - 08/18/09 by Will Ezell in Announcements

Introducing Nimble, An Extensive Application Base for Grails

At Intient we've been working on an Apache 2.0 licensed project we call 'Nimble' for the past few months and we'd like to share it with all of you. Nimble...

0 replies - 3266 views - 08/14/09 by Bradley Beddoes in Announcements

Book Review - Grails: A Quick Start Guide

5 replies - 9075 views - 08/05/09 by Matt Stine in Book Reviews

The New Era of Programming Languages

Burton Group has just published the overview I authored titled  The New Era of Programming Languages. This is a timely document. The Tiobe Programming...

0 replies - 16203 views - 06/18/09 by Kirk Knoernschild in News