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Book Review: Learning Android Intents

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Published by: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 1783289635

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One Minute Bottom Line

Excellent Book that has great flow and is very readable, it is certainly on subject, and overall a 5/5


Sometimes I need a quick reference, or in this case, I needed to start from the ground up. Intent as a framework seems pretty straight forward and as another reviewer had written 'you can do a lot with a few lines of code' and I couldn't agree more!

Getting set up was pretty simple and jumping right into Chapter 2 everything becomes clearer, and you learn each Role of Intent and what it's used for, but it doesn't stop there. Each of the following chapters jumps you into each of the categories, using Implicit or Explicit for activities or content, and I enjoyed the coverage of WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular components, each of these are covered fairly well and there are a few I left out of this review but they are equally important.

Each chapter seemed to progress nicely, I want to mention the final chapter, it was awesome! Detecting service events and pending intents was huge but to get the best case scenario in order to give the user a more elegant notice on what may have gone wrong rather then just crashing is worth its weight in gold. You'll need to tweak them in order to get the desired result but it's just like working with windows events, in my opinion, so it was pretty easy to understand.

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