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Reviewing "Hello, Android"

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Published by: Pragmatic Bookshelf
ISBN: 1934356565

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One Minute Bottom Line

This book is a great introduction to people wanting to get a better understanding of the Android platform, although you do need a good coding background to fully appreciate the book. Highly recommended.


Coming from a background as a Java developer with specific skills in UI development (Swing and JavaFX), but no technical knowledge of Android, I found this book at just the right level for me. Being a software engineer, I appreciate that this is an introductory book that isn't afraid to get its hands dirty early on. This book covers Android 2.2, so it is very current.

Hello, Android is easy to read through, and in reality you could get through it quite easily over a few days. When you're done reading this book you'll have the skills to dive into the SDK to continue learning. It is one of those books that you can choose to either passively read through, or be actively engaged in and work through the code examples as they are presented. The amount of reward you get out of this book is directly proportional to how much effort you put in whilst reading it.

The book is split into three parts: "Android Basics", "Beyond the Basics", and "The Next Generation". Each part focuses exactly on what needs to be covered, being split into a chapter per topic. Each chapter is exciting, as shown below in the chapter breakdown:

  • Introducing Android
  • Android Basics
    • Designing the User Interface
    • Exploring 2D Graphics
    • Multimedia
    • Storing Local Data
  • Beyond the Basics
    • The Connected World excerpt
    • Locating and Sensing
    • Putting SQL to Work
    • 3D Graphics in OpenGL
  • The Next Generation
    • Multi-touch
    • There’s No Place Like Home
    • Write Once, Test Everywhere
    • Publishing to the Android Market
  • Appendixes
    • Java vs. the Android Language and APIs

In summary, I found this book to be perfectly paced for someone in my situation to learn a lot. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about Android development.

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