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Book Review: Creating Dynamic UI with Android Fragments

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Published by: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 978-178328309

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One Minute Bottom Line

This book is really helpful to introduce and make you a master in Android Fragment design and code writing.


The book by Jim Wilson is very clear and exhaustive about a powerfull technique of the most modern UI design approach for Android applications. The intention is really clear: to describe on a very detailed level the pros and cons of the fragments approach, in contrast with the activity based one. In addition to that, Jim explains all the fragments related stuff to create very effective Android UI...

Divided in three parts, the first one is a simple but efficient comparison between the traditional way of programming UI for Android and the new one (introduced in Android Honeycomb, 3.0 version, when tablets starts to came out). The middle part covers the lifecycle of fragments inside the Android application (I really appreciate this one!), about two aspects: in the creation, setup, destruction and management of fragments inside the Android application and in the fragment transactions in the UI, in order to create rich UI navigation. In the end, the third part improves the ActionBar design and workflow.

The required level to approach this book is more or less low: basic knowledge of Android programming and a working development environment for the examples.

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