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What Tool Do You Use For Automated UI Tests?

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There's no doubt that test driven development is an important approach when writing your applications. For Java developers, tools like JUnit, integrated into our IDEs makes this task simple, with no excuse not to have unit tests written for all your logic code. But what about the user interface?

Typically, the UI is left to be tested manually. This is fine for the first release or two, but as new features are added, the regression testing effort becomes way too difficult. Some people write automated scripts to test the user interface. What I'd like to find out today is which tools do Java developers user for automated UI tests, particularly for desktop applications. For web applications, Selenium seems like it's the default option, but for Java based desktop applications, it doesn't look like there is a default option. 

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the value of automated UI tests too. Is there a case for keeping the UI thin enough that JUnit tests can cover enough?


Maniappan Raj replied on Thu, 2010/06/10 - 2:29am

Checkout AutoCzar from http://www.testingczars.com/ for automated UI and functional testing.

Mladen Girazovski replied on Thu, 2010/06/10 - 2:51am

You can make UI Code more testable, by using patterns like Humble Object & MVP.

Testing the UI as such is complex and results in fragile tests, for Web UIs i use Selenium, for SWT/Eclipse RCP SWTBot.

Red Stun replied on Thu, 2010/06/10 - 3:29am

Watir/FireWatir for WEb UIs

BTW, I love the ideas in Humble Object

Peter Karussell replied on Thu, 2010/06/10 - 3:30am

What about FEST?

Is the Browser a UI? If you think so ... check out selenium. Of course there are more

Dejan Pazin replied on Thu, 2010/06/10 - 3:51am


I tried Marathon a while ago. It seemed like a good tool but it had too many quirkes for serious testing.

Jian Fang replied on Thu, 2010/06/10 - 12:31pm

Tellurium automated Testing framework, which grew up from Selenium. More details:


project site:



0.7.0 Release reference book



0.7.0 Release tar ball



 Tellurium user group



Tellurium on twitter






asaf david replied on Thu, 2010/06/10 - 12:34pm

FEST here as well

Tom Wheeler replied on Thu, 2010/06/10 - 12:38pm

I use Jemmy, though I have used other tools in the past. 

 I certainly see the value of automated UI testing, but it's also very fragile and hard to maintain.  Consequently, I tend to spend far more of my time writing other types of tests.

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